Maquina maquina

Happy New Year! We are sorry you haven’t yet received our Best of 2017 but it got stuck in a gnarly zone of the Dreamlands, which is where we travel to retrieve our long term memories (> 2 months) in case you didn’t know. We are currently organising an expedition to rescue the list from the Cats of Ulthar and the Gugs, we will bring them to you eventually but it might cost us some blood. Feel grateful.

Not that the timing of a best of the year matters that much anyway. As we have told you again and again, the internet has smashed space and time into a constant here and now where objectively distant points overlap, and objectively proximate points blow apart from each other in directions determined by our personal and shared subjectivities.

This is why you will never find a premiere in this place, why you will never hear us talk about anything that’s trending or even mention the idea of trending, and why we post our best of a year in January 2018  or later depending on the mood of the cats of Ulthar and the Gugs.

This mis-synchronicity is also why we get stupidly excited to kick off the year with track you probably know already because it came out in 2010 and you surely have gone to good parties since then and someone must have played this (this is the way we discovered it at a New Year party in the small hours of the 1st).

In another wonderful spacio-temporal twist, we thought it was some 1990s hidden Spanish rave gem by Chimo Bayo or one of his affiliates but no, it is by Mexican EBM / techno perv Daniel Maloso. It sounds like a GTA video-game-nasty set in the Valencian coast at the height of the Ruta del Bakalao, banned because someone steganographed mind-control glyphs in its lurid arpeggios that make you go out and jack cars and crash them into shopping malls and dance in the roofs naked or at best wearing a gimp suit.

Daniel Maloso – Ritmo Especial

More info at discogs.