A Lullaby from the Edge of Time

Imagine those cash soaked, monolithic mid-century corporations.  Hard I know.  Imagine the crazy things they got up to: building nuclear reactors in their basement, commissioning pioneering electronic music, building a utopian town in the Amazon, that sort of thing.  

Imagine that their endeavours encompassed the expansion of human consciousness.  Imagine an institute set up for this purpose, an enormous machine focussed on the individual; a process that would begin in a vast white hall.

So we stand in the hall, robbed figures gliding rapidly towards us.  We stand in a hall and are assured that our old lives are over and that we will be needing none of the things we have bought with us.  We move forward with our guides through chambers and theatres, courtyards and terraces.  

Months pass.  

Each morning we gaze upon the sunrise through a vast round window.  Each morning the synths stir and we hear music.  The final indulgence, a piece specially commissioned.  Soothing, beautiful and underneath it all a profound sense of awe.

E Ruscha V – The Hostess

The Hostess is taken from E Ruscha V’s awesome, blissed out, ambient/balearic album Who Are You.  Which came out in March but a mixture of being slackers and then thinking that we’d actually posted it meant we didn’t get round to writing about it till now.  Which kinda’ worked out well as it may well be the transportive synth album for your summer.  Get it direct from RVNG right here.  And check out the video for Carried Away below…