Pop will Love Itself

There’s always this weird disconnect when thinking too long about DIY pop music.  Anything DIY has always seemed destined to find small yet willing audiences.  Anything pop seems almost perverse without mass adoration.  

Yet at some point in the 80s, pop ceased to be a descriptor of sales and became a genre, allowing its tropes to be appropriated.  And not just by musicians but by equipment manufacturers with the ‘Casio presets’ and the catalogue drum machines.  

For the full pop eating itself effect see Kali Uchis’ In My Dreams.  An almost Lynchian, bubblegum pop song over what seems like a revival of early 00s Casio pop.  Complete with deadpan male backing vocal.  That Damon Albarn is responsible gets you extra Ouroborus points.  We’d write a post about it but EMI/Virgin would DMCA us faster than we can hit submit.

So we have both the method and means of production appropriated from the million dollar studios and placed in the hands of our plucky DIY heroes.  But what was missing was the hubris.  What was missing was that Diva sense of being at the centre of a universe of fans, publicists, executives and a general sense of adoration.

Which leads us to today’s track.  Apostille returns to the pages of 20JFG courtesy of the fine work of Upset the Rhythm.  And he returns with Without Me an ode to being the centre of everyone’s universe (whether they know it or not).

Apostille –  Without Me

In true alienating fashion it’s all noise and distorted vocal screams to begin with.  And also in true DIY pop music fashion it quickly gives way to a simple drum machine and synth combo that repeatedly hits you with hook after hook.  And finally, to tie this whole thing together, the lyrics focus almost entirely on Apostille’s desire to be not just the centre of his world but the literal arbiter of life and death.  the controlled of breathing, the arbiter of suicidal thoughts.  A god complex worthy of a pop star.

Without Me is taken from the (ironic / not-ironic) album Choose Life.  It’s out on June 8th and you can pre-order it right here.