Saturday Mixtape: Let perpetual light shine upon us

Today, in our infrequent Saturday mixtape series, we bring you the selections of Father Murphy.  More on their final album next week but today they’ve provided us with something conceptually appropriate…

Let perpetual light shine upon us
A collection of music for eternal rest by Father Murphy

1) Kyrie (Gyorgy Ligeti)

A swarm of voices pleading for mercy in a Cormac McCarthy landscape.

2) Bala (Senyawa)

The sound of transcendence delivered by shamans from the Island of the Deads.

3) Salomon islands women funeral chants

Heart wrenching and sublime at the same time: like only pain itself sometimes can be.

4) Ad mortem festinamus (Virolai, Llibre Vermell de Montserrat)

Melodies and harmonies, joyful and somehow triumphants, that allow us to accept Death as our dancing companion.

5) Danza Macabra (Francesco Filidei)

Rattling bones or military rolls, there will be sounds to keep us company inside the coffin.

6) Responsorio delle tenebre a sei voci (Salvatore Sciarrino)

Another swarm of voices, keening and muttering. A massive and feeble delayed sound in a perpetual search for vindication and rescue.

7) Malproksime (Mohammad)

Relentless and incessant, like a single gigantic wave that will cover all the land, a mournful chant that takes us by hand to witness a funeral rite.

8) Miserere (A. Castro, S. Chirdo, F. Falcone & M. Salatino)

We sing for Thee, holding our pumping hearts in our hands.

9) Hesteofringen: Min Dode Hest op. 55 (Henning Christiansen)

Sorrowful and breathtaking. The sound of consciousness holders, inflicting death and at the same time mourning for it.

10) I Thirst (ARIADNE)

“I fade to this dust and I shall be no more”

11) Koumé (Eliane Radigue)

“Ashes of illusion becoming light. Descent to the deepest, where the spark of life is. There, Death is born. Death becomes birth. Actively re-beginning. Eternity — a perpetual becoming.”