Jump in the Pool

It was the heat.  The heat and the football.  The heat the football and the holidays.  And well, our apologies for the lack of 20JFG.  But we’re back with a track we fell in love with before the mitigating circumstances above.  But which feels especially appropriate to post in the midst of them.

Kate NV’s Moscow is one not yet invaded by fan parks and football pundits.  It is a playful place, closer to our imagined Tokyo than something more austere, more Western.  A place of primitive geometric shapes arranged in an endless field, all rendered in friendly pastel hues.  It’s a place of innocence, yet where you can still sense its creator’s immense effort to maintain that childlike simplicity.

вас YOU is the only track on Kate NV’s album with lyrics; lyrics taken from a Wassily Kandinsky poem (thanks to RVNG’s typically exhaustive press release for that).  Not speaking Russian, the effect is similar to Mariah’s use of Armenian.  A sort of comforting alienation.  Of information earnestly delivered, yet floating past our frame of understanding.  And like Mariah the post-YMO, avant garde that flourished in Japan this is ethereal, abstract yet undeniable warm music.

Kate NV – вас YOU

вас YOU is taken from Kate NV’s album для FOR which you can get from RVNG right here.

And a 20JGvids bonus below with a film for the album.