Lullaby for the Synthetic Class

Ricard Dias Gomes’ Fogo Chama is a calm song.  Not in the way 20JFG might introduce a calm song and when you click the triangle it’s actually waves of noise, and the calmness that you feel is in your own obliteration.  No this is the real deal.  Almost a lullaby.  

It’s repeated central refrain, as hushed and urgent as it is, is reassuringly calming. But as the world enters its endless summer, as temperatures and tempers soar, calm feels like a transgressive act.

Which is perhaps not even the most interesting thing about Fogo Chama.  That comes courtesy of the part that isn’t calm.  Isolated among a sea of delicately chosen sound, noise.  A moment of Branca-esque discordant guitar amongst the stilly syntetic sea.  Like an island of reality on the endless sea of Solaris.  The imperfect earthly world, willed into being.

Ricard Dias Gomes – Fogo Chama

Fomo Chama is taken from the album Aa on Kill Shaman / SDZ and you can get it right here or here.