Permutation Beach

Future generations, when they are in their youth, will create a thousand snapshots of their brains and run them in simulated environments in the cloud. These copies (or ems) will make different decisions and live different experiences. Some will be diligent and others will be decadent, some will travel and some will stay, some will be cerebral and other athletic, others both. After the equivalent of three to five subjective years, the source human will inject the record of activities of each of these copies in the memories of another sample of copies simulated over 40-50 years and ask them to vote their most longed-for past. This will become her target future.

The persona whose existence is best soundtracked by Pacific Coliseum will be an epicurean surfer without a iota of pretence, forever chasing that perfect wave in the shores of a whispering ocean whose invisible currents blend seamlessly with the dozy circonvolutions of her brain.

You can be pretty sure this existence will make it to the finals.

Pacific Coliseum – Ocean City

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