We want to write…

The intersection of New Age and the subtle tape distortions of drifting Balearic House: a love story.  

We want to write about the Me decade, composed of those boomers who rebelled against the 60s and embraced a hyper-conservatism.  That were the host organism for the social and economic ideas that would decimate communities and culture.  They were the shock troops for Berardi / Fisher’s ‘slow cancellation of the future’.  And if our future’s been constrained to creative reconfigurations of our past then the revival of New Age is the greatest expression of it. 

We want to write about New Age, the soundtrack to the Me Generation in their larval form.  Still exploring the trauma of the 70’s global nervous breakdown.  Searching for answers in the wreckage of fuel crises and dying industries.  Some finding it in alt-religious experiences that inevitably led to disaster.  

We want to write about Balearic House.  A genre that feels like the last island outpost of many dreams.  The place where the utopian sound of New Age found refuse along with its listeners. 

We want to write about all these things but, for today, we mostly want to luxuriate in the second track on Precipitation’s tape release, Earth / Sky.  Beginning, as all things must, with a lone distorted synth.  As if Vangelis was scoring a desert ritual.  A quiet moment after the rain, synth washes coming in to comfort and caress.  But without much time to process this melancholy, we’re joined by primitive drum machines, tapping out the unmistakeable sounds of House.  A tinny, thin sort of House.  The sort of House that’s never intended to fill a floor, but to exist as cell between exhaustion and melancholy.  To animate what’s left of your body in a early chill of morning.  

The second track is called Earth 2.  It is beautiful and you can hear it below.

Precipitation –  Earth 2

Earth 2 is taken from the Precipitation’s album Earth / Sky.  It’s out today on Silk Sound and you can get it right here.