Today I come back from the cold to tell you about three blinding techno albums released in 2018. If we project their vibes into multi-dimensional culture-space, we find them clustering with failed visions of the F-117 Nighthawk that were too deadly sleek, that Culture novel Iain M Banks would have written if cancer hadn’t taken him above, and the collective galactic encephalogram produced by a generation of kosmische hacks now resting body-dead but not brain-dead in Amoeba records’ new age section.

I will keep things short because each word I type is a blip in the sensorium of those obsidian sharks that lurk in the impossible cathedrals of this music. Remember the words carved in the altar:

Silence is gold, beats are titanium.

This is what happens when the Harkonen are uplifted

Daniel Avery – Diminuendo


Get Daniel Avery’s Song for Alpha here.

And this is the geometry of Crockett and Isabella’s separation, sometime after the Singularity.

Rival Consoles – Persona

Get Rival Consoles’ Persona here.

And this is one of the high-points of the Singularity, when the dead arise from their digital detritus, and off to their scattered bodies go.

Jon Hopkins – Everything Connected

Get Jon Hopkins’ Singularity here.