Music for rehabilitation

Materialising, as if dropped by a benevolent god onto this desolate plain, H Takahashi’s Escapism has recently entered our life.  

Recorded around his day job, the world of Escapism is as far removed from the grim machinery of work as you could hope.  Light, contemplative, complex; any rhythms here do not ape the industrial, instead their gentle bubbling waves obliterate all thoughts of labour. 

Crystal is a brief moment among the album’s lengthier tracks.  It’s the pinnacle of Escpaism’s many delicacies.  Airy and fragile synths, continuously ascending, forming a tower of light.  And around this arpegiated tower smaller melodies dance, endlessly unfurling their beauty. 

H. Takahashi – Crystal

Escapism is out now on Not Not Fun Records.  And you can get it right here (although the tape’s sadly sold out).