Thousands now dead will live forever

In our minds today, sounds become words that convey images and tell stories. We turn those words into sounds and initiate an infinite regression from our literate present to a past of voices and grunts and twitches and rolls and hurling through the void until we reach stasis, spread geological over the rumbling and flowing surface of a young planet, letting sounds that we have not ears to ear wash over us in their astronomical purity.

Turn the black hole inside out like a glove and rinse its information off, gather it carefully in a bowl and mix it with the thick ale until it dissolves completely, then gaze at this melange safe in the knowledge that when you drink it, it will make you a God.

Colin Stetson – Reborn

Reborn is included in Colin Stetson’s soundtrack for Hereditary.

Volcanic eruptions rupture the skin of this planet that is also your skin, and clouds of smoke swirl in the nascent atmosphere, taking the shape of pre-raphaelite angels that dance and embrace and joust in a miracle with no witness, the only kind there is.

Alex Zhang Hungtai – Matrimony

Matrimony is included in Alex Zhang Hungtai’s Divine Weight.

[The image that illustrates this post is a computer-generated visualisation of a black hole produced by Jean Pierre Luminet in 1979, obtained from this nice physics article[