Busy Dreaming

We’re back!

20JFG has been in an unscheduled hibernation for most of the last month.  Expect us to pick up the pace again as the backlog of truly wonderful music has shamed us.

Spurred by the release of Kankyō Ongaku (which we’ll surely write more on soon), this week we’re jumping into the pool of early 80s Japanese ambient with one of its pioneers, Hiroshi Yoshimura.

Dance PM is a wonderful name for an understated, melody and drone piece of ambient.  Daring you to imagine the scenario where that title isn’t incongruous.  Where 20JFG usually peddles in fatalistic (or at least burnt out) 4am dance music, what scenario could this soundtrack?  What other world is this from?  What peace must exist in the hearts of the dancers?

Drones so pure you can barely imagine them being triggered by fingers.  Human digits being inadequate transmitters of this degree of beauty.  A melody so simple it seems elemental, as if it has always been there, merely awaiting someone to note it down and commit it to record.

Dance PM is taken from Music For Nine Postcards which was re-released at the end of 2017 (and is sold out everywhere).  You can stream it from your favourite service though.  Sadly Hiroshi Yoshimura died in 2003 before the surge in interest in the movement he helped start.