Into Trouble

So it’s been fours weeks.  Sorry about that.

Here we are.  Britain teeters ever nearer ruin, the date of our reckoning pushed slightly out of reach each time we’re about to surrender.  Like some bitter torture it hovers on the horizon, extracting the maximum pain from the anticipation.  

We have been furiously stockpiling mp3s against the threat of Apple Music being rationed; Spotify, stopped at the border.  And it’s with that Plucky British Spirt™ that we share one of our horde with you today.  

Tim Hecker’s Konoyo came out last year.  A collaboration (or deconstruction) between Hecker and an ensemble of Japanese musicians.  Like his sublime Love Streams, the beauty is in the decay, the noise, the gauze erected in front of anything resembling clarity.

Is a Rose Petal of the Dying Crimson Light is perhaps the ‘cleanest’ track on the album.  But while its source material shines through most clearly, it’s still the submerged, reverb heavy melodies that dominate.  Like gigantic dark shapes circling you in murky waters.  Their benign forms could yet crush you through indifference.  

Some digital noise cracks through these waters, briefly snapping you back into some sort of waking world.  But these don’t last long.  Instead you drift with wind instruments guiding you further and further down, away from any light that could help define their shapes.  Further and further, an endless fade down into silence.

Konoyo came out on Kranky and you can happily still get copies direct from Mr Hecker’s website here.