Did you feel it?

The Alessi Brothers (also known simply as Alessi) have lovely hair. I’ve never personally felt it. Did you feel it?

Aside from having lovely hair they also make music.

Alessi make music for perfect for escaping this summer of political madness and enjoying the every day.

But can The Alessi Brothers do epic Vengalisness with Yacht rock? Well yes they can…

I’m sensing hints of Santana via Crosby Stills Nash and Young, and everything else that lands ‘Do You Feel It?’ in that Balearic classic AOR Disco channel.

Seabird is full of Bontempi beat love, an Alex Chilton song he gave to the Gibb Brothers produced by Richard Carpenter.

It’s nervous saccharine sweet and emotive with textures like a first happn date when you have far too many friends in common and both want a second date but are still doing the polyamorous thing.

As every twitching pedant is aware seabird is technically not a name assigned to any specific species of bird. The word seagull is a common phrase used in reference to a many varieties of gulls…

The Alessi Brothers have great hair – you should feel it.