All aboard for Funtime

Yacht rock may be one of the only things The DSM IV are not channeling in their tinnitus inducing live drum machine and guitar sets.

Guy McKnight is force of nature. Our Jane Fonda/Begbie hi-nrg cheerleader leading us into a sweat laden workout for the mind and body. Words we can decipher question the Gods with understated pop culture nods to Prince and Bowie, delivered with the menace of Glenn Danzig.

There is an arrogance and chaos to The DSM IV that reminds us of early Suicide or Jesus & Mary Chain. They know they are hot shit, and you are either with them for the ride, or should take a long walk – but you will be the one missing out.

They also make videos that remind us of our shell suit loving hometown – Liverpool.

Do yourself a favour and go see them live.