BAMBOO – A World Is Born

Bamboo have a new single out, A world is Born, and a beautiful video to go with it.

A World Is Born is taken from Bamboo’s new album Daughters Of The Sky, out now on Upset The Rhythm.

Bamboo are on tour soon – you should go see them.

  • Oct 5th – London, Servant Jazz Quarters
  • Nov 7th – London, EartH
  • Nov 8th – Northampton, The Garibaldi Hotel
  • Nov 9th – Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, venue TBC
  • Nov 10th – Edinburgh, Henry’s Cellar
  • Nov 11th – Manchester, Gullivers

Saturday mixtape: Vote 20JFG in 20202020

The UK government has introduced a technological breakthrough in food science to help alleviate the post Brexit famine.

The new food source, know currently as Brexit-green, claims to be made of entirely disposable sources.

Additionally the prime minister has announced a new service to help with the growing homeless problem. Homeless trucks will now gather up the UK’s street sleepers at night and take them to safe sleeping spaces.

The new harvesting safe sleeping spaces service is set to arrive on October the 31st, with the new food source available on the very next day!

Can we get some more robot on this?

As part of our progress with the modified Saturn V rocket we began to take over your musical ‘artists’ to prepare your earth for our arrival.

Some of your artists would do anything (but they won’t do that) while others where more susceptible to our inevitable domination.

Shockrock artist Alice Cooper was easy to convert once we facehugged him with Gary Numan.

Our DEVO agents on your planet had some initial success on subject “Neil”.

For now we have retreated, but one day we shall return….