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You picked the wrong president to mess with


I’ve never seen Air Force One on the basis that there are no good Harrison Ford films after Clear and Present Danger.  I will now attempt to review the film based entirely on the song Action President Upon Airplane by Bad Passion.

Evidently we’re dealing here with a straight faced satire of American Exceptionalism and nationalistic sloganeering.  No one uses the terms ‘I’m counting on you red, white and blue’ and ‘Now you livin’ in the US of A!’ with a straight face.  From the sound of the synths this is Snake Pliskin territory so I’m guessing Harrison Ford plays Donald Pleaseance.  Or maybe an amalgam of the two.  Close?

There’s an unhinged conflation of the sacking of Central Asia, threats to the Presidents family and the playing of catch with someone’s balls.  So this is either some sado-incestuous psycho drama played out to the burning of continents (like Roony in Pychon’s V, attempting to stage the 1812 Overture with Nuclear weapons) or a satire of homespun ‘Main St.’ politics and its absurdities contrasted with geopolitical mass murder.  I’m going for the former.

Whichever way you read it, Bad Passion have crafted another beautiful slow jam filled to the brim with the most joyously absurd lyrics.  Think I was joking about play catch with someone’s balls?

Gonna get my baseball glove back and play catch with your balls

Which amazingly is actually a line from the film (as are most of the lyrics).

Bad Passion – Action President Upon Airplane

This is taken from an upcoming EP of songs about Harrison Ford films.  We can’t wait for Regarding Henry.