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20jazzfunkgreats best of 2010: Friends & Family Special

We close out 2010 with a series of shout outs to the great and the good that have a special bond with 20JFG.  From guest writers who’ve put out spectacular albums to alumni that have hopped the fence and started their own labels, with this post we salute you because we love you and we kinda’ feel all proud about what you’ve gone and done.  20JFG doesn’t do nepotism.  If we did you’d see through it a mile off for we would present the damning mp3 proof with every post.  So, this isn’t an infected zone of back slapping, this is a collection of music that would have slotted neatly into the other sections (free-form as they are) but we thought, if anyone’s going to cast aspersions on these picks we may as well make a big song and dance about it.  Guns blazing, at it were.

It’s appropriate then that, a year on from his last words for 20JFG (helping us collate last years lists in fact) we begin with Tri Angle records.  Arriving at our black gates in 2007, Robin strung together the gothic folk soundtracks of Luboš Fišer with the necro-bass of early Cassie – a genre agnosticism that we hold very dear in the 20JFG citadel.  Tri Angle began their vinyl life with the Balam Acab 12″ which ends with one of the most beautiful pieces of music we’ve heard all year.

This year was also the first full year of operation for the label owned by half of 20JFG: Hungry for Power.  We managed to get our act together long enough to put out two disparate 12″s from two disparate duos.

Peepholes are Brighton/London pair Nick and Kat who kindly gave us three tracks to form the A-side of the Lair EP which we then invited people to remix for the B.  This is what we said about E*Rocks remix:

E-Rock slows it down into some sort of amaze communion of tribal stomping and holy riffarama which comes across like Gang Gang Dance and Fucking Champs massacring Daft Punk’s Veridis Quo, literally banging.

Peepholes- Lair (E-Rock’s remix) (posted February 22nd)

Water Borders hail from San Francisco and brought along their friend Glasser for our third release: the Akko EP.  We described the Petals remix as:

This is terrifying music. The pure heart of every Giallo disco scene. This is the vision of the killers. Grooving to their own murderous 4/4.

Water Borders – Akko (Petals remix) (posted September 17th)

And finally, we journey to the land of occasional contributor Taraka Larson.  Prince Rama of Ayodyha had been featured in these pages long before Taraka started contributing (indeed their inclusion was how she started contributing) which, in all fairness, should have prepared us for the tidal wave of drum centric synth infused psychedelic landscapes that unfurled from within the Shadow Temple LP.

Prince Rama – Raghupati (New Post)

Which is a wonderful way to end the year.  If you’re in Brighton come party with one of us here.  If you’re not, have fun doing whatever it is you’re doing.  We’ll be back in 2011.

Post script:

We’ve stuck here to people that have written on these dark pages this year or who we’ve worked with so directly it’d be absurd not to include. There are vast, vast swathes of the other lists that — hoping we were not being too presumptuous — we’d consider ‘friends and family’ of this shuffling electronic zine.  We salute you all and eagerly anticipate devouring your 2011 wares…

Hide Wit Me

Balam Acab, like Salem and oOoOO (who included a Balam Acab song in their XXJFG mix below), traverse the same shadowy territories that seem at once sensual and unnerving. While Salem continue to burrow further and further into their crunk cave, saturating themselves in the sounds of an increasingly nightmarish parallel universe Hot 97, and oOoOO conjure up perfect pop emanations out of hazy witch house dreams, Balam Acab creates something akin to Burial being slowly drowned in an ocean of drone, a cybernetic limbo haunted by distant machine moans, those trademark ghostly digi-diva vocals positively lost in another world all together. Based on all that we’ve heard so far we have no doubt Balam Acab’s music will become something of a spectre in our day to day lives this year.

*This track is temporarily unavailable.*

Our good friend and kindred spirit George Quartz has been working away at his awesome new EP of deranged gigolo-bot nu wave, Ruf Reliks #1, which you can now download for free over at his blog La Maladie Tropicale. Awash in hi-octane industrial goth beats and Tomorrow’s World, crooner pomp, had it been released over 20 years ago it would have slotted in perfectly with one of the many futureworld funk experimentations Crammed Discs specialized in, which is obviously high praise indeed. As a taster of what to expect from Ruf Reliks, Cotton Coffin is the kind of reptilian doom funk Prince might have jammed out had he overdosed on David Byrne records and put a little more Sodom and Gomorrah into his “1999” step.

George Quartz – Cotton Coffin

Also be sure to take a look at the man’s acid damaged porn video for “Butterscotch” created by the quite rad DESTROY.HOT.ACTION., which definitely falls into the sensual/unnerving territory we mentioned before. Watching it is kinda like imagining what Playboy might look like if Ariel Pink was up in there and running things.

George Quartz – Butterscotch from The Sibyl on Vimeo.

Finally, oOoOO, the creator of some intensely good nightcrawler jams and a firm favourite of ours, recently sent 20 Jazz Funk Greats an exclusively made mix which we’re now more than a little happy to be able to share with the wider world. So go sit in the cupboard under the stairs, light some candles, and absorb the sounds of creeped out, decaying booty bounce colliding horribly (meaning wonderfully) with dusky, drug drip teengirl balladry, slinky necronomi-pop rhythms, and backwater freak outs.



1 oOoOO – mumbai
2 BrowngirlBlackhare – Inanition
3 Nipslip – My Baddest
4 MNDR – Do It Sandwich Time
5 DJ D-Wizz – Clap It
6 DJ Fela – Take Me To Yo Stash
7 Johnny Woods – ?
8 Little Peggy March – Wind Up Doll
9 The Tammys – Gypsy
10 Actually Huizenga – Marquis de Sade (Blazing Lazer remix)
11 Balam Acab – See Birds
12 John Frusciante – A Fall Thru the Ground
13 Linda Perhacs – If You Were My Man (Demo)
14 Twin Powers – Alex
15 Julia Holter – Willow Weep