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A Twist at the End


Bernard Fevre’s compositions are a castle of mercury threads laid down by a crystal goliath spider. Bernard Fevre’s compositions are the sound of a shadow tapping on the thin walls of your dreamworld. Bernard Fevre’s compositions are the vertices linking nodes in a conspiracy that ended with several headless corpses washed out in the shores of the Seine, the gendarmes are still scratching their heads about that one. Bernard Fevre’s compositions are the schemata of a gold gilded telescope through which to behold stellar reticles perpendicular to the ones we think we know. Bernard Fevre’s compositions are the ghosts that dance down the corridors of Yoyodine’s R&D labs at night, and the noise of molecules tinkling malevolent inside chemistry glasses at the chilly laboratory below Hawkline manor.

If you are a sci-fi bitch with a psychedelic demeanor, Bernard Fevre is your man, his latest compilation, ‘The Strange New World of Bernard Fevre‘, out on Lo Recordings contains 14 gems of haunted minimalism for you to ideate noir plots around, get cracking.

Bernard Fevre- Molecule Dance


Comrade in arms Damon tells us of Dark Entries, and of their re-issue of Bas Relief, a lost nugget of trebly synthetic pop/metronomic minimal wave by Eleven Pond. Watching Trees is a choice cut infected with glimmering synthetic sequences, memories implanted in a replicant’s RAM which feel way realer than the real thing, and a rumbling killer lobotomised italo bassline that flips all the right switches at the control panel of your ‘throw robotic shapes while you cry’ 20jazzfunkgreats emotional cyborgs. Get it while you can.

Eleven Pond- Watching Trees


Many lay content in the golden sands of a Balearic beach of wistful prettiness and marihuana induced lethargy, it’s all well and good and we dig the sloooowly unfolding sounds as much as the next Studio fan. However, we believe there is a need for more cats to take things further, say, stand up and run into the black waters reflecting shards of a silver moon, break the spell and swim into the unknown, oblivious to treacherous currents and through mesmerising vortices. In his new 12 in Thisisnotanexit records, Night Plane does precisely that, the result is a mirage of fire devils, red shadows and pounding sexy cadences, a motorik disco epic which tells tales of a hallucinated peyote pilgrimage under very heavy skies. It draws on the muscular desperation of the shit kicking country music that all those AOR titans of the 80s ripped the shit off, and laces it with sizzling acid, the result is a thick witches brew that we lap eager. Special.

Night Plane- Chinese Shadows

To celebrate the release of the single, Night Plane has come up with a blinding mix of properly dirty pumping dubbed out disco rock for guys with non-ironic cowboy shirts to do the tribal stomp to. Time to sweat young colts.

Night Plane Promo Mix


Fleetwood Mac – world turning (night plane edit)
Marianne Faithful – broken english (baron von luxxury slow touch remix)
Jackpost – ragazza
Chicken Lips – feast of freeks (steve kotey tape edit)
Holger Hiller – das feuer (pilooski edit)
The Detachments – circles (night plane remix)
Voyage – point zero
African Suite – in the pocket
Supermax – african blood
Edwin Birdsong – lollipop (kai alce edit)
Azymuth – may I have this dance
Cosmo Vitelli – frydman
Moolah – crystal waters