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20JFG Podcast: Kruton

The first 20JFG Podcast of the year is a real smasher. Kruton is the DJ alias of our pal Milo, AKA Binary Chaffinch from the Dissident posse AKA Milo from the Chrome Hoof posse. Heavenz Gate, his most recent release on I’m a Cliche is a remarkable voyage through pretty much every style of dance music known to mankind (well, all the ones that 20JFG loves anyway). Due to its 20 minute span we were unable to post Heavenz Gate, so instead we are presenting this awesome DJ mix of ‘indie music’. Kruton’s ‘Indie Splice’ mix truly dusts off and enlightens forgotten corners of second hand record shops, drawing covert lines between previously unconnected themes (as any good DJ mix should), and is of course thoroughly entertaining throughout.

Kruton – Indie Splice Mix

  1. Schneider with The Kick – Shout
  2. Visage – We Move (Dance Mix)
  3. Oscillation – Future Echo
  4. Chrome Hoof – Body of Perfection (Inky Blackness Bitch Mix)
  5. Paul W. Teebrooke – M42
  6. Rick James – Ghetto Life
  7. The Kinks – Where have all the Good Times Gone
  8. Blackhorse – The Ping Pong
  9. Loop – Spinning
  10. Philip Boa and the Voodoo Club – Skull
  11. Pearl Necklace – Rapid Bliss
  12. Gang Star – Say Your Prayers (Inst.)
  13. Renegade Soundwave – Blue Eyed Boy
  14. Sammy Nestico – Shore Line Drive
  15. Spirit – Turn to the Right
  16. Eartha Kitt – Mountain High, Valley Low
  17. Booze – Depresso-Funk
  18. Kreeps – All I Wanna Do is Break Some Hearts
  19. Foreigner – Urgent

Best of 2009 #3: All is Love

In this post we celebrate the many savants of rhythm who look into the prism of the past, and see the future. In a year emulating the grotty and overcast economic climate of 70’s New York, where we were continually perused by a string of cosmetified gangs for a murder we did not commit, our need for the majesty of disco and her many offspring was stronger than ever. Luckily for us, as we travel a further year from the handlebar moustaches and tinted sunglasses of Italian synth genii, the bongo fueled rebellion of the loft pioneers  and the lusty drum machines of Chicago, their influence appears to be as undiminished as ever.

However, it seems the surrounding wistful revivalism has already begun to move on and retreat.  The need is there, but the hyper-deflated concentration of ‘tastemakers’ has again flicked the grand musical randomiser and thundered off.  As the tide retreats and Juno’s weekly ‘Disco’ email list gets thinner, we’re left with rare gems embedded in the sand.  The sounds of Chicago beckoning our nascent Knuckles.  Indeed, it was a bunch of those meddling ‘indie kids’ that brought Jamie Principle back to teenagers dancefloors this year (but that’s for another post).


Thankfully, we still have those that care sticking around, those that never left (which Italo revival are we on now?) and those that never cared much for email lists, record store dividers or iTunes genre tags. Time then, to climb aboard the enduring arpeggiation of our peers, and let it take us on a journey through the ecstatic syncopation explorations of 09.

Acid Washed – General Motors, Detroit, America – Frankie Knuckles found out where I live, if only I can reach the light switch in time.

Azari & III – Hungry for the power – Vocannibal House for night walkers.

Black Meteoric Star – Self Titled – A foggy encapsulation of an analogue intelligence.  Brutality in a glove of tape hiss.

Bottin – Horror Disco – Giorgio turns out to Satan, but fear dissipates when you realise he looks like Ned Flanders in a devil costume. Italians most definitely do it better.

Den Haan – Release the beast – The sound of primeval creatures arguing about mathematical equations.

Desire – Under Your Spell – Phil Spector hits the Gallery, all guns blazing. Poetic, slow motion carnage ensues.

Holy Ghost – I Will Come Back – Monstrous Italo hooks pose a threat to the 20jfg hive mind by entirely dominating its synapses.

In Flagranti – Brash and Vulgar – The creepy science teacher left a cassette in your desk. As you watch him being bundled into the police car, you feel strangely aroused.

Joakim – Milky Ways – There’s something strangely messianical about your new employee, the ‘Colin’ name badge you gave him now reads ‘he can do no wrong’.

The Juan Maclean – The Future Will Come – RIP Jerry Fuchs.  See why.

Lindstrøm & Christabelle – Real Life Is No Cool – Making Kosmische-Funk acceptable. Actually, making it pretty awesome.

Mutant Beat Dance – In a Daze – Beautifully deranged vocal house from the villa of our beloved Discos Capablanca, also one of the best intros of 09 IOHO.

Pictureplane – Dark Rift – A Euro-Trance tape run through a disintegrating deck, one hand slowing the motor until the air is turned to crystal.

Professor Genius – Heaven Sent – The speakers in the Delorian emanate further saw-wave broadcasts from the pulsating mind of the professor.

Silver Columns – Brow Beaten – We bow to Pinglewood‘s description: “this song sounds like Jimmy Somerville playing Mario Kart and that can only be a good thing.”

Slava – Dreaming Tiger – Jean-Luc Ponty goes on a 3 day bender and the results are stunningly somniferous.

Sorcerer – Chemise (Neon Lenon) – On constant rotation in the 20jfg jacuzzi room whilst we platonically scrub each others backs.

Subway – Xam – Any piece of dance music where the drums don’t come in until 4 and a half minutes, is always going to blow us away.


From Disco to House with the click of a mouse, whilst the production rate of original tracks seemed to falter somewhat, picking a re-edit from 09 is something akin to selecting the favourite molecule in your body. We don’t dare tell you where ours is, only that we called him Goliath. Back in summer, whilst we were coolin’ out in the blood filled hot-tub with our reptilian honeyz, Ze Records unleashed a selection of reassemblages old and new from their vaults. Most were of the highest order, so for those of you out there trapped in the frosty void, with the delerium of summer a faded half-concept that you cannot attribute to memory or imagination, we present an assurance that it was in fact, real.

Gichy Dans Beachwood no 9 – On a Day Like Today (Todd Terje friendly children edit)

As is traditional, Todd amputates the songsmithery of the original to reveal a delightful refrain of innocents. They circle you, hands held, whilst the pagan lord lights the tinder piled at your feet, to incite a most rapturous of combustions.


Terminal Twilight are so happening. Snow swirls outside the windows of the 20JFG demesne as the crystal fractals of ‘The Lovers’ begin to spread their own special brand of frosty magic all across the lounge. This is sparse soulful minimalism at its lethargic best, up there with the sweet android power ballads of our Italian comrades- think Chris and Cosey on a walkabout across strange rooms shrouded in layer after layer of scented mist, past which a confederation of strange shadows lurk- desires, questions, the id of the princess trapped in the heights of an ivory tower rising over the smog of orange LA vistas, this is a tunnel connecting it all, get strutting.

Terminal Twilight- The Lovers

The Terminal Twilight 12” is coming out on the 18th of January. You can pre-order it here.


Deliberately omitted from the list above so we could write some extended gush in the space below are Pink Stallone. These purveyors of the loose wowed us in 09, and although the ‘hotly tipped’ label is both gift and curse, we received subconcious transmissions from the dancefloors of ‘010 telling us they were aching for their future wax. The memory of the aggregator is already nearing capacity with their data, so we push for joyous overload with exclusive mix.

Pink Stallone – 20jfg Mixtape

Recorded live at the reception of our unholy union to the cold blooded chicks of the summer, we lost the scroll containing the tracklist after a scuffle broke out between one of us and a rather unconvincing man in a lizard costume, who turned up claiming to be one of their husbands. We don’t have to tell you who won, cus our scalez is real. The scroll has been fedexed to us so if you’re hungry for the knowledge check back on this post in a few days.


Something that will not be continuing in ‘010 is the covert operations of Dissident Records. Their vinyl-only idealism brought us a myriad of vintage dance activists including Gatto Fritto, Ali Renault and Casionova amongst others. But sadly there’s little means to facilitate the more wanton aspects of human nature in ideal ideologies. As such, their purity of vision in a zero attention-span digital world may well have spelled their demise.

Let’s strut for a trip down memory lane on how this awesome label fed into the hallucinations of 20jazzfunkgreats, in case you didn’t catch them the first time around. Listen, shed a tear, crack your knuckles and follow their example. And go to Juno and scope the vinyl, because it has a price, but it’s priceless:

Binary Chaffinch- Guitar Shaped Heart

Brassica-The Centre

The Off-Key Hat-Emergency Calling

The Off-Key Hat- This is not…

Photonz- Shaboo (Andy’s Edit)

We pay our respects to the dearly departed, and wish our man Andy Blake the best of luck with his future projects. One of which being the World Unknown party in Brixton tonight.


Niko and me down by Algonquin (a true story) Pt 2.

Where we put up a couple of songs that we think could have been nicely featured in the GTA IV epic OST, good shit.


The new quiet movement continues gathering momentum with the ‘Muting the Noise’ compilation, here you have some pearls of minimal/kosmische ambient gliding like ethereal kites between the glass-hearted titans that pierce the blackness of a metropolitan skyline, Innervision’s is Ame’s label so you know what to expect, an avalanche of lush synthetic clouds all of which are delightful, Tokyo Black Star’s Kagura, or the wheel of the Cosmos spinning pulled by the golden thread which a mysterious sorceress spins smiling is but an example, I would have expected Mr Jacobsen to listen to this in the radio of his old van, tuned to The Journey while driving around Liberty City at night, forever searching for a constellation shining in the sky like silver jewellery over black satin, or a solution to God’s ultimate differential equation.

All of this before Niko Bellic jacked his car and smashed his face in the pavement, sometimes life is harsh on old hippies.

Tokyo Black Star- Kagura


We keep up our love incandescent for top purveyors of italo disco/cosmic/spiritually powered french psychedelic synth disco music Cosmic Club Mastercuts, Decadance’s On and On (Dub) has enthralled me since I first listened to it in the third part of their glorious series, spirals of electroid romantic melancholy summoning ghosts dressed in porous pastel like those memories haunting poor Roland as he speeds down the garish avenues of Angolquin- a heart pumped on cocaine- and fractured by love- him turned into a cybernetic torpedo of red chasing suicidal after her shadow before being rammed by Niko as he escapes from 4 stars worth of coppers in a festival of mayhem which leaves a trail of carnage behind including Roland, burning in bittersweet delight inside the wreckage of his once proud sportscar, Decadance’s heavenly piano keeps playing in the midst of the inferno, taking him by the hand as he shuffles off this mortal coil with a tear in his eye and a smile in his mouth, for having gone through it all.

Decadance- On and On (dub)


The revival of cosmic rock, or funk-rock, or disco rock or whatever you want to call it, keeps growing strong as two of the best labels out there, Eskimo, and Dissident, put out references characterised by bad-ass shuffling disco beats and heavy guitar action, we think that the pumped nature of this music should make for a perfect climax after all the smooth stuff, and look forward to be blasted by them in sweaty underground dens all over the free world (London calling!).

We shall be getting down with Daniele Baldelli’s ‘Cosmic Disco? Cosmic Rock!’ soon, for now we leave you with Binary Chaffinch’s beast ‘Guitar Shaped Heart‘ out in Dissident, where Chrome Hoof’s drummer delivers a motherfucker with enough swagger to make the Baseball Furies recoil timid back into their dirty dens, this sounds like Jennifer Herrema chasing Rare Earth with a butcher knive, or Iggy Pop getting rhythm in Street Crazies, it also reminds us of those halcyon days before DFA79 went mastercraft (and fucking boring).

Hog Boss had this playing in his Harley as he tried an acrobatic manoeuvre which ended with bits of his mangled, badly tattooed body spilled across the length of Broker Bridge, and his soul doing the boogie in hell, another corpse, another Liberty City story.

Binary Chaffinch- Guitar Shaped Heart

Didn’t they used to be dinosaurs?


False Energy never really broke through at the end of last year, maybe a re-release is in order? It’s an elongated corker crossing the beams between Escort, Spektrum and The World of Conny Plank (specifically Zero Set).

Binary Chaffinch – False Energy

But how can such magic be achieved you ask? Its simple really. Binary Chaffinch seems to be Milo Smee from prog metal funk space cadets Chrome Hoof – making more sense now? Also responsible for that devastation causing Test icicles – Circle Square Triangle remix (the one with the throttled mid puberty teenager at the start). On recorded material so far xxjfg actually prefer the Chrome Hoof posses remixes and offshoots to the full band, but thats another story.


Meanwhile False Energy itself starts off innocuously enough. A minimal low slung funk, before the ghosts in the machine start talking, and soon we are greeted by a preposterously prog keyboard echoed by a choir of sirens.

Once the chorus kicks in, any pretenses of minimalism are gone and your left with a fully fledged dance hit in the making which promptly gives up the ghost as if the drummer with a penchant for odd electronica had taken charge of the whole track – Conny Plank.

At around 11mins it’s a grower, not a…oh you know, have a listen.


After a spell in the ‘What happened to that band we liked?’ folder Musiccargo seem to be getting positively prolific on our ass these days. Latest in is their remix of east village radio dj Speculator in his guise as the friendly neighborhood Grackle on Legowelt‘s Strange Life Records.

Grackle – Disco (Musiccargo remix)

Disco is a deep repetitive affair of echoed out analogue riffs which merge into one continual pulsing tone, melodies emerge from the dark like bats in the dusk.

Melodrodramatic guitar flourishes provide an occasional gap in the dubbed out cloud. The organic rough sample sounding beats vary between contort yourself new wave clap happy disco with a half glam, half motorik distance to them, as elongated backward cymbal rushes and the never ending tumbling feeling every great tune should bring as your sucked further and further in. Once the Carpenter ‘esque buzzing top synth is in your ridding out of the city with Snake to wash the blood from your hands, ready to face whatever the motherfuckin’ world has to throw at you today.

Some days we just sit around and prey (to cuthulhu) for people to release stuff like this. Thanks Grackle! Thanks Musiccargo! We will be drinking the blood of virgins for you this weekend.

And just for the record, Grackles are amazing – we don’t get them in the uk.