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7th January 2013

A Legion (I)


Blizzardo & Liquidrome

One of our New Year resolutions for 2013 is to visit alien sites in Earth more promptly, as soon as we hear about them. This will help us ensure that whatever alien technologies may be stocked in these sites are kept away from the hands of evil pop music moguls behind abominations such as those…

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24th October 2011

The Lurker in the Booth pt 1.


Blizzardo & The Passenger

(Amei Ozaki painting via 50Watts) (Unedited copy from an article in the Gazzette, 9th of XXXXXX, 20XX) No one has been able to explain the events at the Cube Club on the First of XXXXXX of 20XX, between 3am – when the security guards shut the doors and told the crowd queuing outside to leave…

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24th August 2011

The Modern Dance


Blizzardo & PDP

(Eduardo Paolozzi via Sci-fi-o-rama) It can be tempting to think of (or make) dance music as an exercise in design or engineering – a set of elements is configured to achieve the producer’s purpose, subject to certain constrains (tempo, length, genre). Isn’t this after all functional music supposed to achieve quantifiable goals (calorie burn)? This…

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