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The Mythical Vulva

Featuring : Brice Catherin

This percussion piece is, Brice Catherin says, is “a tribute to an exceptional woman: baubo, the mythical vulva. former slave turned into a goddess of fertility in a time of matriarchy, baubo is our mother, our wife, our sister, our daughter. my piece is a pagan celebration that brings all of baubo’s children together: the composer, the performers and the members of the audience – who participate actively in the performance by playing small instruments. each performance uses three new texts offered to baubo: a poem, a paragraph from a novel, an article or even a recipe – whatever the performers feel makes sense.”

It rattles out like abstracted gamelan; poetry in tiny metallic hits.

Brice Catherin – 36000 years alongside baubo – ode to baubo from iakchos

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art is Caravaggio, Maria Maddalena in estasi (detail), ca. 1606