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Destroy death & party

So we come to that time of the year when the wild hordes head down to SXSW for a few days of revelling in the excitement and dopeness of the underground sounds, or at least that’s the way we imagine it, a bit like that exotic bazaar where Conan of Cimmeria knocked out a camel, but with bands. And yes, if Conan was to visit SXSW he wouldn’t want to miss out on the DeathbombArc/Load Records/Cockrockdisco 3-Way showcase/noise rave/free-for-all spectacle of destruction, terror and mayhem and fun that shall be unleashed upon believers and non-believers alike: Clockcleaner, Anavan, Sightings, Foot Village, Captain Ahab, Jason Forrest and Nintendo’s finest DJ Scotch Egg are some of the people who will be jacking the place. If we were there we would be so there, Brian Deathbomb kindly sent us some unreleased tunes to sample the vibe to unfold, we can only say one thing, bring the noise.


Foot Village have been stomping and bashing their way through reality with a barrage of drums that crack the shield of our inhibitions like rebel proton torpedoes striking the core of the Death Star to make the galaxy free, wave after wave of percussive dope and shrieking send us reeling against the corner of the ring from which we stare aghast as the culprit, a mexican wrestler with the purple mask of Boredoms, the steel muscle of Vitalic and the attitude of Crass gets ready to deliver the final blow, BONES!

Foot Village- Bones

This is featured in the Rock is Hell 7” boxset


I didn’t know jack about Nero’s Day at Disneyland until I heard Death Parade, and then I realised I just didn’t know anything. Death Parade (featuring Kevin Shields) is the epic soundtrack for Ren and Stimpy’s hysteric explorations of an alternative 9th-dimensional universe designed by Paper Rad and populated by arpeggiated fire devils, or that revolution in itchy and scratchy’s theme park if the insurgent robots led by Kirk Douglas had managed to get hold of an arsenal of psychedelic weapons, yeah, that kind of thing.

Nero’s day at Disneyland featuring Kevin Shield- Death Parade


So if I told you that some gay trance vikings had fused HEALTH and Foot Village into a bass Ragnarok with conga sounds added to enhance the madness, would you say (a)’ fuck yes gimme some of that’ or (b) ‘ soz, no I’m too lightweight’? Any seasoned reader of 20jazzfunkgreats will jump into (a) like Indiana Jones dropping into a crystal bridge over the abyss so he can fetch the Hoy Grail that will save his dad’s life, and get his reward. The Power of HEALTH concocted by Captain Ahab does what it says in the label, and with its crunked out mastodontic progression smashes the place out in a Drop the Lime hanging out with Slayer way. If Ed Banger had meant to rock they would have walked this way. As it is, and paraphrasing our pal Brad, the difference between them and this electro beast of pure and focussed energy is like going to the bachelors grove website versus seeing a Satanic seance at midnight on Halloween on the grave of your mother and daughter.

If this is the new sound of the U.S.A. we welcome its arrival and look forward to a future of raucousness and fury.

Captain Ahab- The Power of HEALTH

Brad has made a video for Chicago Juke/ ghettotech/Giallo Funk outfit Young Cream, it’s based on some medical research on Photosensitive seizures so you can imagine the vibe. Check it here. I looked at it for a while and made me feel a bit funny, be careful kids!

Bonus tune


Casy and Brian have been oh so kind to send us their brilliantly titled album Catbees, out on Pish Posh of North America from their magic space of wild evolution in SF. Our lurid brains imagine, of course, a telepathically enhanced green-eyed cat commanding swarms of bees to do its magnificent bidding, but then we never had any friends at school. Casy and Brian has three members: Casy, Brian and the insane boost of crackling energy which surrounds their jaunty new wave, hallucinations of animal & weirdo pop totems blip in the air as a special dimension is glimpsed between the crack of their exhilarating dope music. Devo wearing owl hats? We’re buying.

Casy and Brian- House on the Haunted Hill

House on the Haunted Hill is particularly great, we wish more bands like this made horror soundtracks, imagine all those teenage jocks and bimbos that populate modern slasher flicks prancing in utter merriment and abandon as spears, scythes, axes and knives fly in the air chopping them up in little pieces. As I said we never had any friends in school, this is what happens.