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Studio 2O54

Codek are fast becoming a label with liquid gold running through its cyborg veins, a label so awesome that its disco releases transcend sound itself and become feelings and colours. Here is something black and blue:

Harmonika Lyder – Siegfried Der Drachentoter

The Sounds Superb 12″s are both 4 track discs of pure Studio 54 rebuilt on the nebula brilliance, cast deep into pits of echoing mystery, but that’s always a winner where this kind of greatness is concerned. We brought you Oblio’s ‘Escape’ in an earlier post with its new dawn fading introduction and subsequent creeping stutter-throb, but its Vol.2 that Harmonika Lyder hails from. Some say that these one off artists are all In Flagranti in a flimsy disguise but no official confirmation has been made, just scurrilous blog-based hissings, so we cannot speculate on such rouses.

“Siegfried Der Drachentoter” is a sophisticated fractured mess that breaks in and out of a solid beat like a playful laser-guided dragonfly. You could lay Jean Michel Jarre’s “Oxygene IV” over it at 78 rpms and the two would assimilate like that horrid Virtual Reality love scene in Lawnmower Man, but y’know this would be sexier. It seems to be some sort of love lament from R2-D2 and is probably a hot edit of a long forgotten cosmic 12″ from the 70’s that only the black disco gods of space-beat, Lovefingers, would recognise.

Time to take the mood down now; let it calm like the cyan oceans breaking up the glaciers on Neptune. We give the crunching and looping machines a rest and let the world around us take over as a fiery-eyed Coyote floats in on a pea-green sail boat. Round its neck a small speaker attached to a opal encrusted collar, which emits soothing sounds of Balearic freefalling love.

We have been privy to conversations while sitting in dimly-lit tavernas on the subject that out of the current crop of cosmic disco behemoths (Aeroplane, Lindstrom, Peter Visti etc.), Coyote isn’t cutting it. The general excuse it that not much goes on in the average 7 minutes it takes to listen to a track, but we defend with the argument that Cosmic Disco is something that requires a certain state of mind when listening, and we aren’t talking about drugs, we are just talking a patient appreciation. New 12″ “Going Out” lingers in our minds like the shapes that grow in your vision when you look away after staring at the sun. Its like an ascending inverted Satan, expelled from Hell, floating up to Heaven to enjoy such progressively obsidian sounds and clouded sites of beauty.

Coyote – Going Out

Last, but by no means least, we give you Richard Gateaux (most minimal Discogs entry EVER!), complete with new single “Dune”. An Arabic Martian musical plotline to an alternate Dune if it had had more money thrown at it, and was actually filmed on location in the planets that it was set.

Clearly mister Gateaux is a different form of Skatebard if he was Latino and not Scandinavian, but that’s where the comparisons end. Skatebard rules the 25th century robot world with a cyber enhanced fist (where is the next album?), but Richard is more in league with alien invaders that can only be seen with the mind’s eye, inhabiting desert worlds of azure sands where interlacing lines form a grid for space worms to do Battleship-styled wars upon.

Richard Gateaux – Dune

More Nostalgia for the better remembered 80s

Why do we go so much for the 80s? Besides the fact that, at least in my case, those were childhood years about which I reminisce with much emotion, it is also that it was then when many of our fave things like disco and new wave, as well as all the crazy experimental synth stuff came together in some sort of crazy pop nuclear reaction which might have been post-many-things, but not post-modern in the ‘oh yeah, whatever’ attitude you find in 99% of recent commercial music. It wasn’t too smart for its own good, and even when it revelled in its own disposability, or material things, it did so with intense over-the-top passion, perhaps even innocence. It’s the same thing with films, where is the modern day equivalent of John Hughes, for christ sakes? Wes Anderson? Oh please…

I think this might be a reason why the Electrocla$$h bubble, which merged a number of 80s cliches with the coldest, most detached attitude one can think of fell flat in its face after a few coked-up parties, while the kosmische wizards, all those disco nerds out there digging up obscure gems from the vaults, and of course our Italian soul brothers go from strength to strength, their music has inherited not just the warm analogic sound of the 80s, but also its romantic passionate feel, that’s the reason why even in our forward looking-ness we embrace their talented and honest nostalgia fully, the past becomes present and future in the best of ways, let these garish sounds envelop you in a cloud of pastel colours and neon flashing, and dance into the light.


‘My Occupation’, a compilation of 80s disco hits by Chaz Jankel from Ian Dury and the Blockheads fame which has recently been released by very nice & caring label Tirk, synthesises in a nutshell what I was talking about above: open this box and be blinded by a treasure trove of delightfully crafted off kilter disco gems which glimmer with hedonistic energy and oh so 80s Fame-style individualistic competitiveness, just check out the lyrics of ‘Number One’, they would make Milton Friedman proud… funnily enough, I can’t think of a better environment to enjoy this killer than the collectivised environment of a sweaty disco dancefloor, party up and make it hot enough to melt the Berlin wall.

Chaz Jankel- Number One


As part of their 10th Anniversary, our favourite purveyors of vinyl delights, Juno, have commissioned a bunch of remixes of classic tunes, here is one, where you find the sorcerer of breath-taking kosmische tango-disco, Lindstrom, pull an Arthur, and pick a bouquet of blossoming flowers from the beautiful garden which is Imagination’s ‘Just an Illusion’, to then fill the gaps with piano-key shaped silences and echoes, the outcome is a reverberating rainbow-coloured cloud of 80s Lover’s Rock Soul raining pink teardrops over the hairy heads of your wide-eyed-in-their-astonished-delight 20JFG nerds.

Imagination- Illusion (Lindstrom Vocal Remix)


Finally, Aeroplane, who amazed us beyond what is radically possible with his lovely S/T 12” goes on to remix Balearic stalwart Coyote’s ‘Too Hard’, the result is another slice of heavenly disco that should be soundtracking your most beautiful romantic moments, sitting by the Miami waterfront holding hands in an emotional interlude as the neon lights draw imaginary laser constellations in the black sky, or french champagne spilled over the smooth sands of an Italian beach in the midst of which rests a red convertible like some toy abandoned by a Harryhausen style Greek Colossus, this is the sort of respectful, perfect, beautiful tribute to the spirit of the 80s we love, thank God we live in a world were music like this exists.

Coyote- Too Hard (Aeroplane Remix)


And let us finish paying homage to one true 80s icon, this is, thee Eddie Murphy, particularly as Beverly Hills Cop, remember those stone-washed jeans, high-tops and bomber jacket and how he rocked L.A. with wacky streetwise flair? well, he also dabbled into the music biz with the epic results you can hear below, perhaps this song is not the ultimate apex of electro-pop brilliance, but it still shines with the sort of euphoric charm I was talking about before, there’s something in those trebly synth melodies, dramatic lyrics about hedonistic jealously (think of it as Bagarre’s hyperkinetic brother…) and inane repetition which make my heart swell like fantastic Air Jordan pumps, *wheezes*, how sweet.

Eddie Murphy- Party All the Time

This post goes with a big holla at Piers Martin off Vice’s Electric Independence for the lovely mention last issue, much respect & thanks for fighting the good fight, always smooth.


Check this out, awesome Videokitten put together a collection of computer animated films from 84-8, which is just the right thing.



One of the 20JFG ones will be playing some records at the most excellent Dan Deacon/No Age/Gay vs You Upset the Rhythm gig in London on Friday, together with people from 13 Monsters & Where To Now. You should come.

You should also go to Gay Against You at the Greenhouse Effect in Brighton on Thursday and give Lorrie a kiss before she goes to the USA on holidays.


You should also DEFINITELY come to the Zombie Zombie gig in Brighton we are putting on with Dan and Lucy Tuesday next week- GREENHOUSE EFFECT 11TH DECEMBER- French horror dance party, in their own words:

We use Sound and Rhythm as a medium to explore the feeling of fear growing deep inside of you. You’ll go through different emotional stages with the analogic effects. The drumming will make your heart beat faster:”like in a horror movie when the car won’t start, you give it one last try


Medicine and Duty and Tall One Behind support.

Get tickets (£5) in Resident, Rounder or Edgeworld

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Changeling disco

Featuring : Coyote

(Some naughties suggested the moniker ‘Skag disco’ but let us be nice for once)

Stuart has been toying with the idea of slo mo discotheque where you can’t play tunes above a speed of such and such BPMs, was it 120? was it 90? You can imagine it, meticulous beard scratching and stop and motion booty shaking antics in the midst of a sleepy zone where angles become curves and spiritual cotton covers all surfaces, beautiful edges are blunted but their impact remains strong, drawing you inside the aural space created by tunes such as these below, get lost there because you’re a winner, perhaps dreamer.

Sensational scandinavian cosmic rockers Studio love up ‘Brown Piano’ by 20JFG favourite purveyors of AOR highway cruising anthems A Mountain of One, the result is, as you’d expect, a mind expanding piece of progressive beauty which struts pretty and gentle like a flock of adorable sheep resting over the warm peaks of a small Aegean island, the vibe is one of total & mellow pastoral relaxation, introspective oddyssey shooting the breeze, munching on cheese and bread as the sun sets behind the calm waters painting the universe pink.

A Mountain of One- Brown Piano (Remake by Studio)

Balearic maestros Coyote haven’t made a song, they’ve crafted an otherwordly dreamworld of lush Kraftwerkian beauty, an aural escalator which climbs into the sky and through those sweet clouds where Aphex Twin and Brian Eno sit in the lotus position sewing ambient tapestries or recreations of Nirvana, further out into the space beyond where instead of sidereal cold you feel eternal warmth, as if angels & cherubs where embracing your tired bones, hanging a hammock between two stars and laying your body there so you can enjoy some well-deserved rest from the oft unbearable greyness that is reality.

Coyote- Pretty Wasted

Get the Coyote EP here.

And ladies and gentlemen, we continue floating in space with that beautiful Pharoah Song by French cosmic disco legends Arpadys, we’re talking 1977 kids, and this is the sound of zero gravity love or two lovers siting in the rings of saturn, holding hands and throwing stones whimsical into the void which expands below their feet, that’s where comets come from in case you were wondering.

Arpadys- Pharoah Song

The S/T album including this tune is a supernova of out-there disco goodness which was recently reissued, you should get it here.

Ok, I’m going to buy Halo 3 now, K C Ya.

Do this tonight if you’re in London and not playing Halo 3.