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Eye Can Dance Too


Boredoms are actual magicians spewing forth unto the world rainbow acid oceans of spazzed out, foaming mouth free jazz noise and haywire tribal drum workouts that sound and feel like the threat of legions of stampeding war elephants charging towards you in endless waves of destruction, and so we hope you can relate and understand if our eyes watered up just a little bit when we discovered Super Roots 10 was heading our way, and that one of our most beloved purveyors of milky-way, kosmische soul, Lindstrøm would be conjuring up a remix for the release, a mean task if ever there was one.


Well DJ Lindstrøm, as he’s known here, has done the unthinkable and somehow turned every bodies favourite Japanese freakniks, the ruling masters of brain shredding drum gabba into avant disco Gods fit to sit on gold leaf thrones and watch as throngs of once restless Studio 54 phantoms finally ascend through candy cotton clouds into the Heavens to throw the mother of all parties all thanks to them. What starts as a twitchy, fidgeting no wave art-funk track gradually transforms into the epic sound of Chic having a full on freak out, accompanied by discordant wailing harpies shrieking like crazed ADHD muppets to remind you that in the midst of all the decadent synthetic strings and silken yacht synths that what you’re listening to is undoubtedly Boredoms.

Boredoms- Ant 10 (Lindstrom Remix)


Sticking around in the giant rotating mirrorball palace in the sky, for a while now I’ve been meaning to write about La Parisien, an almost forgotten 80s euro classic from Danielle Deneuve and perhaps one of my all time favourite italo / hi-nrg songs ever. Listening to this frothy, mighty addictive piece of breathy computer pop it’s easy to imagine Sally Shapiro as a young girl singing this in front of her bedroom mirror, a handbrush in one hand, and a fistful of fairy dust in the other.

Danielle Deneuve – Le Parisien


As one of the XXJFG crew spins records at Top Nice Late Night Special in London, another will be doing the same at Sausage Party in Nottingham. Needless to say if you’re around you should be there cause it’s going to be immense.


And just to remind you all our XXJFG night in London at the ICA is happening very soon, so spread the word and and come make friends.

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