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The Hauntology of Tiles

Featuring : Discoverer


This member of 20JFG is currently in the process of destroying and rebuilding his new home (seemingly atom by atom).  There are places that haven’t seen light since the 30s.  Features that have been unceremoniously buried beneath blankets of white paint, their crisp geometric forms blurred and shrouded.  Stripping this away — gently scraping the decades from the polished surface of hand cut tile — felt like bypassing the allegory in The Stone Tape and mainlining the intent of the architects.

Renovation makes a mockery of the evolutionary process of neglect.  That only the constantly prized will survive the destructive forces of disinterest.  That we see the best in the past because the intervening years have shielded us from the weak ideas and failed executions.  Which is, of course, all relative.

Discoverer has managed to glide on some astral expressway to the discotheques of Jupiter.  Where, like Mozart at the Vatican, he’s mentally stored the sacred music and recreated it back on Earth.  Being so far from the sun’s musical furnace Jupiter’s only now getting round to Freestyle.  Though with the gravity they’ve got over there, its hyperactive movements are slowed into a hypnotic waltz.

Tunnels is the result, a marriage of primitive Techno and incantation.  Voices, cut so much they speak in tongues.  Usually utopian synth washes pitch-blend in and out of the fog like clear blue spectres of clarity amidst the narcotic daze.  All of this forms a relentless chemical reaction, plunging ever onward.  The fades that start and end the track indicating that we’ve only glimpsed its motion for a while as it burrows ever on.

Discoverer – Tunnels

Tunnels is the title track from Discoverer’s second album.  It’s out today on Digitalis and from Boomkat.