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Ice Age 4

The sounds contained in this post span thirty minutes of our short time on this planet, so the words shall be brief. Here we are offered 3 different paths to enlightenment through repetitive means, that connect the physical to the cerebral with a patch cable long enough to stretch back to the beginning of time.

Hieroglyphic Being – The Mysteries of Life

The transmissions of the Hieroglyphic Being have long been monitored by the 20jfgoverseer. An inter-dimensional house music archaeologist, who along with others such as the Black Meteoric Star, is unafraid to step through the portal summoned by  certain configurations of silver boxes, in order to discover lost civilisations whose collective consciousnesses were far in advance of our own. Any prepared to voyage the entirety of the Mysteries of Life will find all their answers revealed at its completion. We have made this rite of passage and wish to impart our new found knowledge, but the limitations of language prevent us. In order to join us on this new level of cognizance, we can only suggest that you do the same.

Our transstellar recording device didn’t pick up this broadcast as clearly as we would like, so in order to decipher it’s hightened codek more clearly, we recommend picking up the wax artifact. Other artifacts from this most mind-blowing of labels including the almighty Slava, can be investigated here. We also heard that the Hieroglyphic Being will be materialising across Europe in the subdivision of time known as October 2010. Any promoters wishing to enlighten their place of dance floor worship should transmit their wishes to the Being himself.

Ghostape – Beautiful (live version)

There is already a chapter in this infinite webscroll marked Ghostape. Here we find updated progess in the form of an incredible live recording.

Imagine the joy of an ancient seeker of knowledge who, after encasing himself in ice for a 1000 years in order to learn from the concept of evolution, is finally released from his frozen tomb. The glacial binding cracks around his scalded body to release a light so unbearably rapturous to creatures of the current time period, that to look upon it would cause instant vapourisation into the domain of eternal life. As the light subsides, and the snow melts around him to reveal the scorched remnants of human mistakes and wars long ended, we are able to see the personification of a future where the new found warmth in the atmosphere is shared in the hearts of its inhabitants. Again, be patient with this extended recording dear friends and you shall be rewarded. Hopefully someone shall be releasing something from Ghostape soon?

Once again, space recordings offer us an additional glimpse of this new society. A hazy never ending summer, where the rebounding modulations of heat create new sounds to play with, where the mysterious voices of empty pastures converse with synth arpeggios whose timing creates a mathematical conundrum that will puzzle and delight great thinkers for eons to come. A place where lazy disco rhythms are used as public transport which conveniently never quite get you to work. Prepare thyself for the nylons strings.

Draculae – Vamp an Labour

In a bizarre twist of fate and universal consiousness, Draculae is an edits project conjured by Space.rec’s very own Space System, also mentioned in the postlink above. No news on release for this yet but we shall keep you posted as ever.