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Sketches of the Endless House (part 2)

It’s time for another installment of the Endless House series on 20JFG. If unfamiliar, we once again refer you to its origins. A Google search or click on the above category wil unveil further pieces of this incredible Diorama. As per last time, we’re presenting another extract from their forthcoming book ‘Sketches of the Endless House’ – a collection of miscellaneous editorial/episodic prose from the three fateful weeks of Endless House’s existence in 1973. The sketch below is from Razvan Effenberg of The Suddeutsche Zeitung, the other paper that dared send ‘establishment’ journalists to investigate Jiri Kantor’s rogue forest ‘happening’. Razvan’s is a touching sketch of Klaus Pinter – the singular personality behind “Bewussseinweiterung” and “Soul Flipper”.

“…A man of just over six foot shuffles nervously around stage. Sprouting reels of tape like tangled branches, he looks lost, as if blinded by the fidgeting blinks of his own synthesizers. Groping over his shoulder at a strip of tape, he draws a small knife and cuts a length from it with studied imprecision. The reel grips the spool, and seconds later the Endless House is drenched in its oceanic pulse. The audio expands and contracts like the tide of a lunar estuary, asteroids and shooting stars occasionally penetrating its surface…

This was Klaus Pinter, and – after ten days of fruitless pursuit – this would be the first and the last time I would ever set eyes upon him. I had promised the Suddeutsche Zeitung an interview with the man they had labelled ‘Germany’s rebel architect’, but all I could deliver were mirages reflecting in the chrome.

Pinter, you see, brought a bewildering new dimension to the term ‘elusive’. Intensely secretive, alarmingly paranoid and highly
competitive, Pinter’s scheduled performances were the only place you knew you could find the man. His custom was to send Kantor’s vanguard into hysterical search-parties, only to re-deposit himself on stage just when you suspected his latest evaporation was final…

Pinter’s party trick, of course, only served to contribute to the ‘deus ex machina’ shock of tracks like “Bewussseinweiterung” and“Soul Flipper”. ‘Elevator music for the lower circles of Dante’s Inferno,’ as Kantor’s press officers used to tell me…”

Klaus Pinter – Soul Flipper PART 2 (Verzsion 2)

The Endless House album is still very much available and amazing, and look out for the Endless House Foundation in a forthcoming edition of Wire magazine. More from them soon we hope.

Sketches of The Endless House

Once again we open up 20JFG to the Endless House Foundation and Dramatic Records. If you’re unfamiliar with this occasional series then it begins here, and other episodes can be caught scattered around the rest of the internet. Today we feature an excerpt from their forthcoming book – “Sketches Of The Endless House” – a collection of miscellaneous editorial/episodic prose from the three fateful weeks of Endless House’s existence in 1973.

This particular piece is taken from an Italian journalist named Stefano Paolucci. Stefano was one of the very few ‘establishment’ journalists allowed to make the dauting trip to see Jiri Kantor’s project at first hand, and this particular extract captures a buoyant Rasmus Folk around the time of the aforementioned “Pavel” and, of course, the anthemic “Coupe'”

“…and then it was that I saw Rasmus himself, a vision of pastellised cosmopolitanism. Surrounded by a protective enclave of Kantor’s ‘aesthetic engineers’, the man didn’t so much walk as Viennese W(w)altz through the House’s chrome corridors. Only on one occasion was I able to pierce his studied personal choreography, and then (im)purely by virtue of voyeurism. He had premiered “Coupe'” to delicious applause the evening before, and now I saw him at work on a new study he called “Pavel”. Engrossed, immersed, and flanked by the technical expertise of Klaus Pinter, this was a very different side to Rasmus. Without an exotic European cabriolet in sight, the Austrian was constructing something of an altogether weightier fabric. Pinter and he were discussing Graham Greene together. “I don’t want to be remembered for mere ‘entertainments'”, he quipped, “so let’s shock the Endless House with the weight of this song.”

Watching them work, it was if Folk was assuming a different mask, cutting away, almost violently, at the soft-focus optics of Coupe’. Pinter drove the technical process, applying similar editing processes to those that punctuated “Bewussseinweiterung”, but the ideas were decidely Folk’s.

Playing live drums fed through the squinting filters of an unmarked Soviet synthesizer, Rasmus and Klaus’s industry was to outlast my journalistic vigil. As I got up to leave my vantage point and my story, their final exchanges fluttered into my headspace: “Nearly there, Klaus…You’re a splice away from rocking the world…or at least Walter Schnaffs!”

Rasmus Folk – Pavel

We are still loving the Endless House album very much, and you can get it from either Dramatic Records or Boomkat.

Step Inside the Endless House (part 2)

Lordy have we got some serious incrediblenesss coming up for you over the next few weeks. Prepare thyselves – for 2011 already manifests itself as a phosphorescent conveyor belt into the celestial furnace of eternal listening pleasure.

Regular readers may remember 20JFG’s brief handover to the Endless House Foundation at the end of last year. They regaled us with fictional real-life tales of the Endless House, Europe’s most decadent and maniacal avant-garde night-spot. We of course lapped this up like vampyric kittens at a saucer of blood, and so are very pleased to welcome them back again. Digging up for us this time some exclusive and previously unheard material by the House’s ‘cybernetic showman’ – Jiri Kantor.

Underneath the preposterous stage entrances and circus posturing, it seems, Felix Uran was Jiri Kantor’s puppet-in-chief. Rasmus Folk’s Coupe’ may have been the audience-driven anthem of the Endless House, but – in Kantor’s mind at least – Baltic Expo was the project’s most chrystalline musical expression.

Felix Uran – Baltic Expo

“Baltic Expo” – A track entrenched in both Endless House’s ideology – i.e. the promotion of Central European culture + entertainment – and its aesthetic ‘values’ – i.e. an obsession with Cold War technological one-upmanship, the Kitchen wars etc. Amidst the clipped Kraftwerkian tones, Uran implores onlookers to “come join our pavilion” (presumably a play on Endless House itself) while singing of “Nylon Lies… for Bosch and Pepsi Co Oh”.

Felix Uran – Masprojekt (on earth)

Masprojekt (On earth)- Uran at his most laidback, constructing a haunting groove around a simple melodic phrase reminiscent of his (reported) close friends, Ralf and Florian. Usual Uran/Endless House thematics of beauty vs truth etc…Uran sees himself as a Fellini style “Beautiful Liar”

Felix Uran – Masprojekt (to the stars)

Masprojekt (To The Stars) – Blistering tone mountain of Arp Odysseys running through guitar amplifiers. Uran then feeds live drumming through a super-charged Moog Filter to add to the impact.

The Endless House compilation pack on Dramatic Records will soon be available from reputable online store Boomkat, on the 26th of this very month.

Step Inside the Endless House

Whilst it is everyday that 20JFG receives myriad packages of incredible trax tied with binary strings of love, it is not everyday that they come accompanied by extensively researched and elaborately written tales such as the one beneath. So it is with great pleasure that we let Dramatic records take over the blog, and share with you the intriguing and historical tale of the Endless House. Please may we get more heavily augmented submissions like this….

‘An obelisk of noise that rose rudely above the treetops of the Bialowieska Forest, The Endless House project shone for a mere six weeks in the spring of 1973. The outlandish brainchild of wealthy audiophile/maniac Jiri Kantor, its stated mission was “to become the cradle of a new European sonic community…a multimedia discotheque” that should “surprise and delight” artists and dancers alike.

For all the wide-eyed optimism of its manifesto, however, the enterprise was never unknowing in its flirtation with disaster and self-destruction. The brilliant Czech may have made his millions as the midas-touched entrepreneur/taste-maker behind Paris-based magazine ‘Otium International’, but Endless House was always a vanity project as irredeemably vain as its maker.

Still, determined to enjoy this most glorious and (perhaps inevitably) most fleeting of follies, Kantor  did succeed in attracting a host of weird and wonderful sound artists to ‘The House’s’ utopian terraces. Indeed, when Felix Uran and Rasmus Folk performed opening night on the ‘Spaceship Earth’ stage, 500 revelers were there to enjoy the party.

Alas, with its 5 pneumatic dancefloors, domed ‘environment bars’ and unmanageable cyber-baroque décor, Endless House was in decay almost as soon as Dutch beat scientist Ernest Rogers had sent his first trademark bass drum rippling through its cavernous underbelly. With journalists berating the club’s indulgent, excessive sonics, and the dance (under)world increasingly unwilling to brave its unreasonable location, Endless House was losing $60,000 a night by the time Kantor himself played out with his melancholic proto-techno anthem “Warum ist alles so schnell passiert” (Why did it happen so fast?).’

Vienna’s Rasmus Folk was dashing, debonair, and as famous for his womanising as he was for his music –  he lit up The Endless House with his super-sleek anthem ‘Coupe’.

Rasmus Folk – Coupe

Today, Rasmus illuminates the bedim circumference of this shadowy surface with his “I’m Not in Love” era 10cc meets Ghostbox semblances. ‘Coupe’ takes us on a test drive through unchartered fictions, extravagant in construct yet delirious in believability – whether it was made in 1973 or 2010 changes not the fact that it is a superb piece of valerium-drenched psuedo-remnant, from what sounded like the most fun party this side of the Siberian wastelands.

Rasmus sits alongside many other awesome ‘electro-acoustic supernerds reimagined as superstars of their age’ on the Endless House compilation, which is available in the form of 500 handcrafted packs direct from Dramatic records.