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ACE024 - Cover

Estasy is the mysterious Italian Emiliano Maggi.  I’m reliably informed (as I’m no expert on such things) that the mystery stems from quite how he manages to sing soprano.  Apparently Michael Maniaci can do it because his vocal chords never broke during puberty (achieving the same effect as a Castrato) other men, because of a hormonal imbalance.  Or maybe it’s down to a Faustian pact with Pro Tools.  Who knows, and to a certain extent, it doesn’t matter.  What matters is the sense of disconnection that comes from imaging the mysterious Italian behind this voice:

Estasy – It’s A Hard World For Little Things

Taken from around the middle of the album Wild Songs, is an interlude shrouded in tape-mist.  Like some Harry Smith of the indistinct pre-dawn had unearthed a spectral recording — unsure of what but convinced of its value.  Something’s flicked in the studio and it sounds like camp fire.  The guitar sounding like a lyre and you’ve got your pan-European mythic past all within three minutes.

The whole thing’s a strange plunge into the collective unconscious; dragging up moments in time that could not possibly be lived but have a powerfully vivid draw nonetheless.

After being delayed last year that album is being released on Acéphale soon.  You can pre-order here.