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Putos Locos Obsesivos (PLO-MCO)

Ah, the Mediterranean 20JFG dude is back, Felix! We love it when he digs in old record shops of Habana for us, but also when he lets us know what crazy shit is going down in Spain right now. Which is fucking cool stuff by the way- check it out and say thanks in the box at the bottom of the page.


I have to acknowledge that when I went into The Requester’s myspace and I played the youtube video I got my head blown off. I don’t know of any other bands in Spain that make music like this. Play this in a club, when it gets to 00.45 people start exploding. It is a demo from their forthcoming record, if they produce more shit like this, we are set for some partying. Disco Booty.

The Requesters – Live


The other day I went with the guys from Delorean to a festival close to Barcelona. They were playing with Joe Crepusculo and Extraperlo. Their show was absolutely wild, dropping beats like it was Salou 1991. They also sampled their remix of El Guincho’s ‘Kalise’ and brought the house down. Their ‘Ayrton Senna EP‘ (through Fool House) shows how they roll. I have asked them to call their new record ‘Villeneuve’ but I don’t know if they willl. In the meantime, play Seasun superloud and enjoy the fade-in fade-out, as well as those wonderful echoes in the vocals.

Delorean – Seasun

John Talabot’s remix for Delorean that goes on for 7 minutes but you wish went for 14. If you can, grab yourself a copy of ‘Sunshine’, which is the latest that Talabot has published.

Delorean- Seasun (John Talabot’s Kid Drum Remix)


And to finish, the newest song by Extraperlo. The production by Sergio Pérez (also behind Joe Crepusculo’s last record, as well as ‘Alegranza’ by El Guincho) is awesome. Borja Rosal sings ‘Those are the things that make you so special for me’, dances with words, speaks clear, he is our crooner. He could go to an exam, answer the questions with his made-up lyrics and get an A. Extraperlo sound like a timeless classic already.

They have released this through Doble Vida, a label that only puts out 7” with much love. In their first reference, they published this, and a B-side with the Ruby Suns. A big hug to them, I wait impatient for their second release, of which I have heard many good things.
Extraperlo – De tus palmas al abismo

Spanish Bombs

Our comrade Felix Ruiz from Discoteca Oceano has written us a post with some excellent new wave of Spanish balladry, it’s super-sweet stuff you should thank him for in the mail-box below. Felix is looking for that special someone who will design the new logo for Discoteca Oceano, so if you think that would be you or one of your friends, get in touch with him here.


Extraperlo make couples dance. Every time the sun sets you hear the lullabies. You listen to them and you believe they don’t want to wake you up. They regret to awake you. They kill you and make you lose the beat with their rhythm.

You listen to them in the lift to another dimension. The dimension where wedding bells toll so the bride can understand she is getting married this year. All in white, radiant like ever.

‘Desayuno Continental’ is their debut after many cocktails in Negroni’s at Barcelona. The palm trees of love will hide their bathing suits while they await for new orders. ‘Cavalcade’ is the song that the ghosts sing to you between the plants of Ciutadella. Tell your friend Wornie (if you know someone by that name) and spend the night up in the mountain listening to them. Sun rays come through the window.

Extraperlo- Cavalcade


Joe Crepusculo isn’t one for engagements, but he’s in love with you. Make him see things differently. Meet him secretly because you’ll listen to Gabriela and you will love her like a sister, she will sort out your problems. She wants to be yours and reply in kind. Perhaps because you are the first to love her. Without you she fills despondent. She wants to be yours and reply in kind.

Joël Iriarte has released two albums in two years, and what two records. ‘Escuela de Zebras’ was a presage and ‘Supercrepus’ the culmination. Spanish songs, let’s dance this techno. First, ‘Escuela de Zebras’.

Joe Crepusculo- Gabriela

Joe Crepusculo- Gabriela (El Guincho Remix)

And then ‘Supercrepus’.

The memory of these nights forever fresh will take you to the splendorous song of a summer song. The best song in your life. Like a ray that comes through. Let’s dance this techno.

Joe Crepusculo- La Cancion de Tu vida

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