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The Circus of Shadows

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So we said little about the release of Liars‘ Sisterworld, not because we didn’t rate it, which we did- and a lot-, but simply because we thought all of you would already know about it-guess we tend to focus on things which are on the left side of leftfield, for good or for ill. That’s also the reason why some excellent bands drop off the radar vectors projected in these pages- we keep digging deep, for our own pleasure and, in an ancillary manner, we hope,  yours.

But I thought I would say something about them now upon hearing their new single, ‘Overachievers‘ (video). They are, after all, one of the reasons why we started doing this thing, a wild bunch of visionary coyotes, wearing their influences in the sleeves of their wizard cloaks (and their records too, remember There’s Always Room in the Broom?), reconfiguring them with the manic verve of idiot savants beating the solar system and allied parallel planes record of Rubik cube re-assemblage, if only the rubik cube was embossed with punk esoterica, snap, to hurl it in your lap with the anarchistic glee of Bulgakov’s Master, detonation of soul napalm and heads blown away once again. Natch.

In the aforementioned release we find, in addition to the snotty pumped up snotty pre-hardcore of the title tune, and another chapter in their sustained love affair with perversely heartrending folk of Only Sometimes,  ‘Pleasure is Boss’, a piece of vintage kick ass Liars death valley 69 funk, feat. creepy kiddy crypto-incantations or another call to wash the streets with the blood of the Joneses, drums redoubling as if you were being dragged into the terrordrome by unholy balaclava clad brutes, all of this punctured with discrete shards of schematic dissonance harkening back to those times of yore when Erase Errata used to unleash swarms of killer owls upon the dancefloor every other night.

Everything in its right place then.

Liars- Pleasure is Boss

You wake up one morning and you find that Fabulous Diamonds are back from that queer land of drone and drum where they dwell, still keeping their album and song titles within the natural numbers system, still camping into that area of your brain that stores a primeval fascination for the gaudy paraphernalia of the shadow circus, that remnant of pagan ceremony not circumscribed to the cycle of sowing and harvest, but to the migratory tides which brought gypsy caravans to the lands of your ancestors, their knowledge being geographically bounded, everything from without magic & ecstasy.

The second tune is the echo of their arrival, pounding drums and an intoxicating organ drone closing upon you like the wings of the night, darkness pierced by scented fires, silence broken by mystic chants, an invisible force pushes you towards a gilded cage where a blind divinatrix sits, the cards are laid down and a message uttered, content lost in the blur, remembered in dreams.

Fabulous Diamonds- 2

Out soon in Siltbreeze

My friend went down that haunted path and all he got for me were beautiful nightmares

Whenever we go for our Halloween picnic, on the hallowed grounds of a cemetery with mouldy grounds the consistency of ash from which brittle bones protrude like warts in the skin of the Goddess, an ectoplasmic fog trying to cover this abomination with its sticky gauze so as to preserve her decency, we bring a cassette player and a tape with songs such as these, just to make the proceedings even more fun.

This is of course an experience we recommend to all of you, connecting with the spirits beyond is a truly cathartic experience which helps putting things into perspective, what are our puny concerns compared to those you would have after an eternity spent floating in a limbo between the here and the nowhere, gazing at the white shadows of the living stumbling upon a decaying world chased by terrifying ghosts they cannot see, while the demons of the pit pull from the sleeves of your soul with iron grip, keeping you forever tip-toeing around a hole and a fall a thousand fathoms, into a land of never-ending darkness, the lake of blood and the forest of swords? They amount to not much, we say, listen to this music with keen ear and then you shall understand.


Fabulous Diamonds’ S/T album throbs, creaks and cracks with the intensity of a darken dreadnought being pulled up the cracks and ridges of the back of a colossus so messages of great lore can be chanted from its top with voices pretty like birds, this is death dub music of the kind that Genders’ enthralled us with, music poisoned with Suicide’s phosphorescent radiation, its plodding drones engulf us like the irresistible tendrils of a hurricane swinging in slow motion, we are trapped inside its never-blinking eye which is a zone populated by beautiful debris, or mementoes of love, hate, always mystery floating in stasis in the abandoned cabins of an underwater wreck.

Fabulous Diamonds- LP 3

It had to be Siltbreeze


Caldera Lakes’ sound like a walk at night down the secret paths of a beautiful forests inhabited by the most radiant fairy folk, exuberant nature all green and blue closing its arms around you, but also the merciless jaws of a rusty hunter’s trap biting deep into the flesh of your ankle reaching the bone creating lines of anguish and fracture, pleasure and pain combined so that you might remember that every single creature you shall stumble upon, and looks at you curious, pretty and feral, wouldn’t hesitate to feast on your rotting corpse were you to fall, surrender to the weakness that invades your body as the red blood slowly drips into the fertile soil.

Caldera Lakes- Did You Expect The Gods To Tread Lightly When They Came Among You

This spell is taken from a cassette tape coming out soon in Accidie Records.

Caldera Lakes are part of the mighty Deathbombarc family and shall be playing an Upset the Rhythm show in London on the 23rd of October, don’t miss out!

Talking about UTR, we just found out that John Maus’ astonishing ‘Love is Real’ is finally available on vinyl from their shop. As you should well know, this gothic cathedral of macabre electro-pop vibrations, echoes multiplying into the vaults and spine-tingling keyboard wizardry was one of our fave albums of the last year, you should definitely get it, slide it slow in the turntable and transform your bedroom into a place more welcoming for inky winged bats and other creatures of the night.