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28th May 2013

The transport of delight

Illustration above by Gianmarco Magnani, via Sci-fi-o-rama. Iain Banks Transitioneers flit between an infinity of possible universes. They occupy a body for a short period, undertake a task, deliver a parcel, send a message, assassinate a foe, or one who would one day become a foe. They are endowed with a special sense of the…

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30th January 2013

“A call for new and different ways of perception, but presented in a language accessible to all”

The 20JFG Collective Progress Broadcasting Trust (20JFG-CPBT) welcomes the publication of Betawave X’ Ghetto Hymns for the Earthbound and Weary (GHEW) and uses this opportunity to propose it to the members of its community as a quality assured and efficient tool to acquire the basic grammar and syntax of a language of organic collaboration that…

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