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Featuring : Fielded


We slept and we are sorry.  That album you see up there?  That album’s very good.  That album was sent to us a while ago in the depths of our winter hibernation.  It rested, propped against our slumbering hard drives, melting the snow around it with its radiated pop joy.  Pop joy being a naturally occurring source of heat, after all.

We are sorry because it is great weird pop for people who don’t like pop, and the rest of us who are bemused by why anyone would care to make the distinction.

Lindsay Powell’s Fielded have appeared on these pages before.  First as spectral-Folk: brittle and intricate.  Then as Jodorowsky-baiting power-Prog (Powell is also in Ga-an) with The Horse (lengthy, astral spoken word intro and all).  Now, having passed through onto the Bush-Nicks plane she finds herself master of the hook.  Master of well placed sax solo.  Master of the sing-song earworm which, like Shai-Hulud, she tames with the sound of her voice.

Eve of a New Moon begins with a dusty keyboard melody before layers of warm bass envelopes like a beautiful 70s embrace.  Powell’s vocal rising and falling and rising and triggering sax solos at will.  The eventual appearance of electric guitar chords dancing around sparkling synth fills could make this the best intro to pre-Star Wars Space Opera that never was.  If Solaris has started not with a pond but with a helicopter shot, following the breaking waves up the Maine coast, which ended at the rain-drenched launch pad of a gigantic battle cruiser, piloted by Crockett and Tubbs…then this would be its opening theme.

FIELDED – Eve of a New Moon

Eve of a New Moon comes from the album Ninety Thirty Thirty which is out on Captcha Records on April 24th.  You can pre-order here.

Start of term

Featuring : Fielded + Gabo Gulbenkian

Dear Santa,

Thank you for all the treasures that you hid across our Deep Labyrinth of Madness last year. We had a great time finding all of them, and conveying them to our wonderful readers. We do appreciate your commitment to this way of doing things in spite of the high casualty rate amongst the elven guards that accompany you, and your traditional loss of fingers at the Pit and the Pendulum replica room. We could tell that one was yours because of the golden spider ring in it, how come you left it there? Will you ever learn?

Anyway, we look forward to whatever it is you may regale us with this year. Just a couple of ‘low hanging fruits’ for you to work on– we’d greatly appreciate it this time around there were less high-concept songs describable in a couple of catchphrases. They never work for us. Also, we are rarely compelled by bland press release blurbs, or lame references to previous features in vaguely renowned Internet outlets. Ditch those. We like to interact with humans, or Turing approved AIs.

And we want more politics – the world is going down the drain, and we need music addressing the dynamics of this descent. We know that you are a corporate-affiliated mythical creature, but also that your security measures are feeble to say the least, so you better deliver, or else. And please please please, give us at least another gig as great as the Factory Floor Chris Carter thing at Primavera last May.

Oh, there’s Ortho (do you remember Ortho, the Adept Necromancer we hired to take care of the Halls of the Penumbra of Despair?), he just arrived with some of your goodies, first of the year! Really excited! Thank you!

All the best,

Your threatening 20jazzfunkgreats pals.

What better way to start the 20jazzfunkgreats calendar than with another treat from our comrades at Dramatic Records? There is none, believe.

We are proud to introduce you to the leading anthropologist of explorers Gabo Gulbenkian, who has a valise of goodies coming up in the aforementioned label. Today we tease you with ‘Baron Muenchhausen’, an apology of that German nobleman and raconteur whose most famous innovation was, perhaps, the use of the cannonball as a medium of travel.

Here we fly with the man, through a 18th century sky, past clouds of Goyan filigree and into the uppermost layers of the atmosphere where the mighty fist of gravity becomes the sleight of hand of a Zingari trickster, we float delighted under the benign gaze of the Queen Moon and the rest of her stellar court, an army of selenites salutes sternly from her pockmarked and mysterious face. We will be claimed back and fall, into silence. Until then, we dance with the silvery ghosts that inhabit the gates to our world.

Gabo Gulbenkian – Baron Muenchhausen

After such an exercise in proto-astronautics, nothing more advisable than an excursion under the warm crust of convalescent mother Earth, if only to equilibrate our verticality karma.

Guided by the astounding Chicagoans Fielded, we spelunk into a Cave of Forgotten Dreams like adventurous figments in the imagination of Jules Verne’s psychedelean doppelganger. This is a Four-dimensional experience across space and time that culminates at the hollow core of our planet, where metallic dinosaurs reign supreme, and the lost tribe of Kobaia choreographs a set of complex rituals around the wooden framework of the Horse, forgotten totem of propulsion, motor of our spaceship’s furious journey.

Fielded – The Horse

Buy: Alex Barnett/Fielded split from the excellent Nihilist Records.

Wide Shut

Featuring : Echo Lake + Fielded

Fielded‘s Lindsay Powell hangs out on the balconies of a galactic parliament chamber, singing out a monologue over the epic processional music accompanying the opening of a new session of the star chamber.  Hidden behind a Venetian mask and shrouded in a black cloak Broadcast’s shadow looms over the ensuing ritual.

Fielded – Late Come to Stay

Late Come to Stay is taken from a four track 7″ on Sophomore Lounge Records available on March 1st.  Lindsay is also a member of Ga’an whose album 20JFG have been getting rather excited about over the last few weeks.  Yet more reasons to love Chicago.

One particular node of the 20JFG hive mind has been partially distracted of late with his video making activities.  Hopefully many of you have already seen this but if not, here’s the video for the lovely Echo Lake’s Young Silence.  Their début 12″ is released on No Pain in Pop on valentines day and you can pre-order it here.

The City States of the Mind


As your mind struggles to deal with the philosophical horrors of the singularity, a tree sprouts into view in front of you.  Of Knowledge or Of Life you’re not quite sure, distracted as you are by your synthesised neurones firing off faster than your consciousness can handle.

Diego Garcia – Marcha Albionica

Omar Souleyman – Yagbuni

William Onyeabor – Good Name

Your mind — now massively parallelised between various secret inter-continental locations —  is breaking down in much the same way that a cartoon car does at high speed.  Certain parts are tearing themselves away from your conscious while all the time more trees appear.  And is that a mountain range?

A mystic appears just as your memory of school (aged 13-16) is overwritten by a swap file for the Gutenberg Archives.

“My apologies,” says the mystic, “we weren’t quite prepared for the affect this whole process would have…on your reality…do you see?”

You stare blankly at him/her as you assimilate Sumerian and all recorded material on John ‘Jellybean’ Benitez — at the cost of your ability to regulate your heartbeat.  You didn’t need that anyway.

Mazes – Bodies

Slackk – Silk Robe

“We have made for you this place.”

The trees have formed a forest and the sky is being textured.  The lighting on the mountains still isn’t quite right but the way it currently filters through the leaves is quite beautiful.

Fielded – Eve of a New Moon
“You must wait here.  I will return once we have decided what to do.”

Your feet touch down on the cool damp grass.  Before you is a large stone worn flat.  Atop the stone is a goblet containing what looks like mead.  A few meters behind this is an imposing stone wall.  Set into this wall are a pair of enormous iron gates.

Not Waving – Battle Mountain

Seance Centre – Zatopek

You drink the mead, go here.

You walk through the gates, go here.

2013 References

Illustration by Ricardo Garbini for JLB’s The Circular Ruins which is totally about a rampant AI with amnesia.
Finally, three of our favourite groupings of music people got together to put out this:
Click the names to buy the music: Diego García, Omar Souleyman, William Onyeabor, Mazes, Slackk, Fielded, Not Waving, Seance centre.

Songs of Praise

Featuring : Fielded + Psychic Steel

With Suspiria, Dario Argento illuminated the tip of an iceberg (or perhaps more appropriately, monolith) that spreads under the wooden lands of central Europe: pagan covens that, hidden in recondite valleys, survived the Catholic onslaught, to continue celebrating their rituals in secret spots designated millenia ago. With the years, some of their activities evolved into quaint festivals and customs that faintly echo the oft bloody sacrifices of times past. Other covens became mere secret societies where favours and influences are transacted, or family affairs with spells, charms, and in some cases horrific traditions, passed on from generation to generation, along the lines of Helena Markos’ ballet/splatter operation. In all these cases there was a corruption of the original communal spirit through which whole villages tapped into nature’s life-cycles and energies, the power of the magic thus generated thinned or vanished altogether.

But there are some places which have somehow managed to keep the old bonds alive and strong, picturesque villages set in idyllic landscapes where, nonetheless, on certain nights marked on everyone’s calendar, the peoples march into the forests dressed in antique costumes to the tune of a supernatural hum, an ill-omened rhythm, their eyes glazed, day to day concerns submerged under a tide grafted in their collective subconscious where man and woman appear not as rational architects of their own destiny, but cogs in a powerful machine which grinds bones merciless, and in doing so plants the seeds of new life.

Whenever they can, these modern-day cultists avoid sacrificing their own. To paraphrase Lord Summerisle

Animals are fine, but their acceptability is limited. A little child is even better, but not nearly as effective as the right kind of adult.

Like a Tourist”

Psychic Steel have been haunting our awakenings, furnishing the tall buildings of the Satanic city where we march to toil with hallucinated shades, an army of red-eyed men straight off Magma’s chronicles tangle the sun with silver chains, and pull frantically to sink it under the horizon whence it attempts to dawn, to submerge the world into an eternal night of unbearable dread and glorious frights animated by the melodies of a mad Giallo piper, staccato drums which are the gauntlet through which you try to escape from an universe turned rogue.

Think Zombi, with bludgeons instead of blades.

Psychic Steel- Kathak (Live)

There has been a wealth of incantatory music recently, reminiscences of rambles across enchanted forests where the layer that separates us from the spirit world becomes translucent. Fewer have however dared to step into that glowing space. Enter Fielded, who with Demon Seed levitate there washed by the spiritual arpeggio of a thousand white witches, this is the silver statue whose weight equals the pyramid of steaming hearts that the minions of darkness pile on the other side of the cosmic scales. The vibe is not so much mysterious and wistful, but combative, in the best spirit of 1970s psyche folk.

If Conan had had a sorceress in his team, this would have been the sound of her sheathing powerful psychic weapons in preparation for the assault to Thulsa Doom’s Mountain of Power. We wouldn’t ask for more.

Fielded- Demon Seed

Demond Seed is included in Terrageist, out on Catholic Tapes on August the 15th.

Fielded and Psychic Steel are touring the USA this August. Check out the dates here.