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26th November 2012

Arp of the Covenant

When we listen to albums like ‘Arp Navigators’, by 20Jazzfunkgreats heroes Food Pyramid & Roy Orb D. MT., there is one archetype that comes to mind, every time. It is the Warrior on the Edge of Time that Hawkwind photographed for the front-cover of the self-same album. Therein is condensed the vastness of feeling of…

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12th March 2012

Coming Down

It is fitting that we hear of Jean Giraud’s (aka Mœbius) passing away under a clear & warm spring sky, akin to those he so deftly depicted in his fantastic illustrations. We feel a great sadness, as if a gate into awesome universes had shut down forever. We feel gratitude that it ever opened, and…

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23rd December 2011

Best of 2011, part II: Resurrection of the Synthesist

Given our name, it’s no secret that we gorge on electronic sound, be it discomforting or transcendent.  Guttural or sublime. We’re forever wary of confirmation bias but this year does seem to have seen wave upon wave of synth based music.  Not just music that features a synth but music that’s built around the synth, great…

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25th April 2011

Seven and III

Ideas for sacred cows and discourse: The term krautrock is itself a derogatory and racist category invented by English music journalists. Tangerine dream is the music your dad/weird uncle/granddad made in their bedroom and kept trying to make you listen to. Faust were signed by Richard Branson, and their song Krautock is an in-joke on those who…

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2nd December 2010

Abandon grey all who enter here


Food Pyramid

The chasers of the secret lore are a shady tribe who collect analogue relics from a bygone era, align their intricate switches in certain configurations like a gilded key into invisible lock to open the gates of humanity’s dream-state to all sorts of wonderful reveries and visitations. Food Pyramid are part of the crew, the…

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