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4th September 2014

Pretending you’re the dude from Outrun and being totally friggin awesome

(gifs from Drift Stage – Sunset City beta version) A 2010 study presented at the the Association for Psychological Sciences convention in Boston found that playing video games that involve reckless driving is associated with IRL reckless driving, “including speeding, crossing double yellow lines, tailgating and being pulled over by the police.” In our own XXJFG…

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6th March 2013

Heartbeat Concept

(Following up our recent post on Blade Runner and its mooted sequel, here are some thoughts about that soundtrack’s contemporaries, in particular Midnight Express.) Giorgio Moroder’s Midnight Express won the Academy Award for best Original Score of 1978. An Oscar. It’s one of those things that seems vaguely absurd in retrospect, like O Superman getting…

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