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Sourcing Superior Perceptual Strategies from the Beyond


“What we are doing here, see, is using sound as a vector to explore the space of possible models for interpreting the universe.

The constituent components of these songs (as well as their combination) are probes that bring from the unknown plug-ins we can add to our sensorial apparatus and increase or modify the perceptual dimensions of any situation we face. These sounds turn squares into cubes, and cubes into ice! They get us closer to the bottom of bottomless reality, and to the shape of elusive truth. They increase our evolutionary fitness.

The little dioramas, stories, visuals, legends and folk-tales that accompany these sounds, or that we devise to describe them are simply user manuals, illustrations of the way the world can be made to look or feel by adopting these perceptual models, by flicking the switch.”

(Jonny Von Neu!mann, Head of R&D at 20JFG Corporation).


Golden Donna is the third vertex* in the base of a prism that is a lens through which we gaze, to be made aware of certain things as we leave our house and step into the neighbourhood outside.

We realise that this place is regulated by a nefarious consensus.

We hear the crunching of bones and the snarling of ghouls from under the hill where the neighbourhood is perched, looming upon the city.

Hands or claws or paws slide mouldy curtains in our wake.

We overtake a mom pushing a pram down the hill.

What is that thing trashing in the pram, what is that thing coiling in the pram.

When we gaze through this prism, we gaze into the apex of an iceberg sliding into an black abyss inhabited by things that unfailingly stare back. It’s like turning on the radar. Everyone can see us. Now we are the star.

We might as well give them a dance.

Golden Donna – Machete Bathtub

Golden Donna just published ‘Gloaming Thirst’ in Iowa City’s All Hell Label. Bathtub Machete is the unnerving, dead eyed disco hit therein. Go get before it gets you.


Samantha Glass is a lightning rod or epiphanic wand that we point at the dull sky as we leave our house and step into the neighbourhood outside.

It is as if Mother Goddess had thrown wide open the blinds of our perceptually teen-aged bedroom, sternly clapped her hands, and admonished us: “You will be late for your trip to the museum of everyday sublimation!”

Which is where the universe which produced the society which produced the materials of which our neighbourhood was assembled, and the generations of people who did the assemblage, of the neighbourhood and each other, reveals its face and, for once, it is a benign face, one that observes our collective battle against the tide of entropy with keen interest.

It will not help us, but it will write our epic in all things, this is what we are made aware of as we walk down this hill, with an extra bounce in our step while the coralline drone of the First Movement thins the dullness away, and paints everything anew.

Samantha Glass – Movement 1

Samantha Glass is the persona holding the key to a treasure. Go to Bandcamp for lots more material, and acquire Rising Movements, which Movement 1 obviously launches, from the wonderful Constelation Tatsu.


*- The others are Umberto & Xander Harris.

Dawn of the Gifted

Featuring : Golden Donna

William Gibson recounts one impact of recorded music: people could, for the first time, listen to the voice of the dead in their living rooms. Technology populated the present with revenants.

The Internet has done something similar to whole provinces of fashion, style and genre that are now archived, discussed & revived in 2D museums which are also concert halls which could also be R&D labs. Technology populates the present with weird tribes.

We expect this trend to continue into the future, with the formation of a multiverse of reality shards hopefully wound together by some kind of network capital.

Ethics, Education, the Scientific Method, Non-authoritarian religions.

A collective synth obsession resolving the contradiction between science & magic.

You see how this could play up in the masterful machine language poem which is Golden Donna’s ‘Shifter’ – its different phases are holographic postcards beamed into our brain by the invisible Demiurg ruling that place where electricity holds its subatomic hands with sound.

We interpret some of these kinaesthetic flashbacks thus: The drone produced by Carl Sagan’s finger rubbing the outer-rim of Saturn’s rings; the Soundtrack for Beverly Hill’s Cop as remade for Martian sublimed audiences; A progressive jam by an improv ensemble of buff & handlebar moustached bird-men hovering over the jungles of planet Arboria.

If anyone is going to take it to the stars, it is the Children raised to the gospel of this astronomic swing.

Golden Donna – Shifter

Shifter is taking out from Golden Donna’s (Facebook) debut album, coming out in Not Not Fun at the end of the month.

And here you have a video for another song in the album, by Jonathon Leslie-Quam.


Lotek Crunch

Today, I have socially engineered an engineer’s nervous breakdown, and I am halfway through corrupting the operations of one of the marquee sub-communities within a well-established social network.

When the Sci-fi writers of the early 1980s thought about black-ops, I’m sure they never envisaged anyone like me.

The future disappoints once again.

Where they imagined star scientists extractions, net-infiltrations and murky AI shenanigans, they get old-school slander, orchestrated by a slightly overweight middle age dude whose idea of ‘living in the edge’ is an Americano at Starbucks (I know it’s bad for my blood pressure, but sometimes I can’t help myself).

I have a suburban home. I am married and I have two kids. I shop at Gap. Next week I’m going with my family on holidays to Euro Disney.

Hopefully, by then, the religious campaign that I have been promoting will have built enough momentum to force a promising biotech start-up out of its current premises, disrupting its operation and damaging its bargaining position against my client. Otherwise, I may have to work in the evenings, and Lydia will mope.

Yes, I am a ninja of negative network externalities, I am the knowledge intensive business service from hell. High-tech companies looking to weaken their competitors retain me. I provide a full range of solutions – I spread fear, uncertainty and doubt through the blogosphere, peddle venom from twitter via a network of sock-puppets, zombie accounts and mercenary naysayers, plant lame feature ideas and alienating monetisation plans in the heads of suggestible developers, infiltrate incubators with worthless start-ups and promote the adoption of flawed standards, I am the Jonathan Ives of mistrust, the uber-uncooperative operative. Business is good.

I laugh when I read about start-up culture, about how digital entrepreneurs are going to change the world for the better. All of those misty-eyed whiz kids and evangelical VCs you see in Wired and Tech Crunch, babbling about the whatever-next-wave social-tech utopia, they are my clients, and my victims. Under the usability tested, minimum viable product gradient of their online platforms, I only see darkness.

But there’s still hope for you, seekers of vicarious thrills and conspiracy theorists, because the stakes are getting higher, and the arms race between ambitious entrepreneurs, spun-off scientists, avid investors and cloud overlords is accelerating. I have already started building links with some shady operators, the sort of people who have done time, and ‘pack heat’. If it came to it, I wouldn’t hesitate to slip a few intimidation ‘tasks’ in my project gannt chart. I’d rather not, but then I operate in a competitive marketplace. If I don’t do it, someone else will.

Will there be blood? I don’t see how not. So it goes.

(The excerpt above was found by the police in D. Wright’s computer, while investigating his execution-style murder. Obviously, the world was changing faster than he thought.)

Vatican Shadow’s Kneel Before Religious Icons climbs dark peaks of Ballardian/Gristleian/Cabaret Voltairesque suggestiveness. Primitive Body Music rhythms chugging like the tracks of APCs as they patrol the pockmarked streets of a failed state, ominous synths mapping a complex networks of strife and betrayal, configured over ideological, religious and corporate tectonic plaques which dance their deadly leviathan dance to, upon colliding, reveal our dreams of stability and progress for what they are, pathetic make up in the face of Hobbesian chaos.

It all ends suddenly, like a bullet in the face.

Vatican Shadow – Worshippers at the Same Mosque

Kneel Before Religious Icons is being reissued in vinyl by Type Records. I listened it first from my brother.

Somewhere in Borges’ infinite videotheque, there is a Giallo masterpiece whose murderous metronome ticks to Circle’s beat. In it, Golden Donna describe a psychic plane populated by murky shapes whose shadows spread across dimensions, the lashing of tendrils in Vector Y animate a wicker-overdosed ceremony in the Yorkshire Dales. The blinking of glaucous eyes that see all from a hub in the void fall in synch with the distant echo of footsteps, and the whisper of velvet deep in the belly of a Medieval catacomb.

Dark secrets surround us, woven in music.

Golden Donna – Circle (Bonus Track)

Check out the rest of Golden Donna’s All Alone at Bandcamp.