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David Lynch presents: Big Wednesday

Featuring : Great Ytene

This post is dedicated to the sterling work of Faux Discx, a Brighton label we cover all to infrequently (sorry Dan!).  But today that changes, and that changes thanks to Great Ytene.  In particular their track Locus and their deadpan music video for the same.

Locus is a sort of narcotic surf guitar nightmare.  Like if David Lynch’s had gone straight from Eraserhead to Big Wednesday (the alternative timeline checks out — also RIP Revenge of the Jedi).  It’s the sort of stuff that if it didn’t exist, Pynchon would have invented it.

Locus contains all of that is essential to Post Punk: the fight between worlds.  The grime of Punk clashing against whatever calm can be introduced; dropped like ink in fierce waters.  If Punk’s essential trick was that it was pop music, Post Punk’s was that it was everything.

Here it’s a codeine slowed rhythm section and a sun kissed guitar line played against the noise.  It’s almost as if the twang of a guitar exerts a gravitational pull on the drums, slowing them from their natural Motorik impulse and allowing the cacophonous wails of their stringed siblings to slip through.

Great Ytene – Locus

You can get Great Ytene’s album direct from Faux Discx here.  You can check them out live in London at their launch show here.  And here’s the video for Locus…