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Our favourite bands are better than your favourite bands

qs118cd folder_Final.indd

Mi Ami are the hungry tiger that roams slender and green-eyed in a murky space beyond your pulsating speakers, waiting to leap out and shred you to pieces in a methodical, almost caring way, so you can lay in your back as your innards spill over the floor in a tide of irrepressible red, beholding a space of blinding light above your eyes towards which you seem to rise very slow while blurry figures you can’t quite make out stand around you silently, there is something strangely soothing about this gruesome experience, a warm drone that envelopes you in a hypnotic daze as you make your transition.

Mi Ami- Echononecho (Version)

This is included in the Echonoecho 12 that came out a couple of days ago, we are almost unbearably excited about their debut album, ‘Watersports’, which will be released by Touch and Go Records on the 17th of February. Upset the Rhythm are putting them on in London on Friday the 10th of April, a show where we will be proudly DJing.


I got home from London today and an envelope was waiting by my door,  I opened it and I found an intricately decorated USB key inside it. I plugged it into my computer and suddently the screen went black in that strange way that black has as if it was but the surface of an abyssal depth at the bottom of which things lurk, which was actually the case, because slowly at first, then faster, bizarre and convoluted shapes of a neon green started dancing in front of me, maps of devilish complexity and hyperdetailed schemata into which the perspective zoomed at vertiginous speeds, like the clinical autopsy of a dead civilisation. This was the sound of my trip.

Gyratory System- Thermidor (removed by record label request)

Gyratory System rule, this is included in a digital single release on Angular Recording Corporation which shall be available on the 23rd of February.


And now for that well-deserved splash of sunshine, here you have Tanlines going all calypso on your frostbiten faces, Bejan is colourful postcard full of loveliness and cuddly hugs sent from a tropical beach where playing volleyball after a bout of clumsy surfing is perfect preparation for a barbecue which illuminates the night sky with glimmers of red, and not the sort of thing that a bunch of jocks who say ‘kowabunga dude’ ironically would do. We love music that bring us back to the simple pleasures of life beyond decades of crass stereotypification (is that a word?) with a pure heart and a smile, and Bejan does precisely that, thank you from snowy Limeyland, dearest Tanlines!

Tanlines- Bejan