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20JFG Podcast: Holodeck Winter Mix

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Austin’s Holodeck is one of 20JFG’s favourite labels in the world right now. We are thankful because they have supplied us, since they started operating about a year ago, with a rich arsenal of anti-weapons that have strengthened us psychically and, more recently, helped us to survive the Winter.

They have kindly honoured us with an awesome summary of their journey so far. The stars are the destination, join in the trip.

This is what they have to say;

This mixtape covers our last year of HOLODECK releases as well as 6 new tapes that are coming out in March 2013. The mixtape begins with the viral-ly infectious “Winter” off Troller’s recently released LP reissue, and then proceeds in reverse chronological order of release. You then hear 6 tracks off HD015-HD010, which are the new March 2013 releases –  for the most part, no one has heard any of this before (the S U R V I V E and Thousand Foot Whale Claw are both cassette reissues of full- length LP on different labels, Mannequin and Monofonus Press, respectively). Really think people will dig the new stuff from Sungod, Dylan C, JU4N, and the incredible Soundtracks Vol. II by Smokey Emery – after that we get into the back catalog and have some tracks from Silent Land Time Machine, M. Geddes Gengras, AMASA•GANA, and Lumens…

If folks are interested in the sounds, please, check out our site, but be warned, we’re sold out of most of our tapes!


You can also listen to the mix in Soundcloud if you so desire.

Here is the tracklist:

TROLLER’s s/t LP (out JAN 22 2013)
S U R V I V E – HDXV (HDXV – REISSUE of Manequinn Records’ MNQ026)
SMOKEY EMERY – Soundtracks for Invisibility Vol II: You Take the High Road (HD014)
THOUSAND FOOT WHALE CLAW – Dope Moons Vol I (HD013 – REISSUE of Monofonus Press’ LP)
DYLAN C – Samsara: Causes and Conditions (HD012)
SUNGOD – Contackt (HD011)
JU4N – Vaporware (HD010)
SILENT LAND TIME MACHINE – I am no longer alone with myself and can only artificially recall the scary and beautiful feeling of solitude (HD008)
M. GEDDES GENGRAS – Beyond the Curtain (HD007)
AMASA•GANA – Untitled (HD006)
LUMENS – Lumens (HD004)