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Coughing Ice

Featuring : I Am Cosmos + Majeure

Because this apocalyptic year of financial fears and glacial colds has got to be kicked off in total style, there you have a couple of tunes of frozen beauty with a warm and beautiful heart beating deep inside the synthetic ice, happy 09 everyone.


I am The Cosmos‘ Final Form is a contemplative kernel of absolute joy. It sounds like spinning inside a golden spiral straight off a Philip Jose Farmer trip which connects this sad world around which we stumble and ramble to A-Ha’s version of Valhalla, while being bombarded with fragmentary snippets downloaded from Sonny Crockett’s sweetest dream. Another one you can use to soundtrack tearful reminiscences sitting on the chasis of your testarossa in a lonely Miami Beach as the sun rises in the distance, I am Cosmos remix Sally Shapiro now please.

I am Cosmos- Final Form

Blue Icebergs

Majeure is AE Paterra’s side project. In case you didn’t know, he plays drums and synths in our most favourite sexily macabre outfit Zombi, it does show in the wondrous metronomic delirium of alien melodic spirals which Venture is. Hello there, this is the sound of your leaping silently focussed across the immense Antarctic white, sky of the purest blue above  criss-crossed by the threatening shape of a black helicopter, this is the sound of a convoluted DNA gothic cathedral ready to collapse in the surface of a bubble of spittle hanging from the tip of your cruel jaws, just one second before John Carpenter starts shooting. Welcome home.

Majeure- Venture

Majeure shall be hopefully releasing an album later on this year, we shall keep you posted.