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A blade run for your money

Patience, patience dear reader, there are so many things you could do in 20 minutes, you could capture the secrets of the Zeitgeist in your feeble fist, like an ephemeral firefly whose wings are loaded with the power of the now, indeed, you could skim the surf bubbling at the top of the wave before precipitating into the oblivion of the forgotten.

Or you could stay with me, sit in that noble chair over there and listen to Year After (Entering Into Nothing) with the utmost concentration, for the 20 minutes that it lasts, watch layer after layer of beautiful freeform cha-boogie melody and rhythm mingling in the air like specks of diamond dust, sinuous tributaries converging into a golden river which is a piano which is the beginning of dawn, that moment when, through an uncanny alchemy, the darkest night breaks into day.

Because it is then when the music bursts with the utopian zest of the Boredoms at the apex of their psychedelic glory. This is the progressive answer to Juan MacLean’s Happy House, and the song that Lindstrom and Prins Thomas didn’t have space to fit into their last album. It is incredible.

Have patience, it will be worth it.

Iblis Kotor- Year After (Entering Into Nothing) (feat. Anes Guo)

Iblis Kotor’s Year After (Entering Into Nothing) is included in the latest release by Indonesia’s most awesome Space Rec.

O Brassica, through which deft exercise of the dark arts do you tap into the ebbing and flowing recesses of 20Jazzfunkgreats dark imagination? You have invaded our nights with invisible terrors, feline eyes glaring from the murky space beyond a door ajar, you have transformed our Cold Pumas into satanic titans lashing in the corridors of a concrete bunker, what now, we ask?

Well, you speed out the tempo and quote Goblin at their coke-addled most euphoric best, Discocross rather than Suspiria, you have produced an undead synth-boogie anthem for mysterious cat-people to breakdance to in the back alleys of the decaying metropolis, and a candidate for the soundtrack for Marathon Man if it had been directed by John Carpenter, we surrender, what next, what next?

Brassica- Venom Season

Venom Season is included in a record soon to be released by Nocturnes.

And as promised, here you have the mixtape that Teeth of the Sea have put together for us in order to celebrate the launch of Hypnoticon Viva, their new 12”. I am listening to the record  (which you can, for example, fetch here), 2 minutes into the title track and a simmering halo of progressive power has already started to take form around the turntable, unspeakable forces peek from the other side. What can I say that Julian Cope hasn’t?

Check out the mixtape: Fly like Jodorowsky, Kick like Peckinpah. That’s the way it’s done.

Teeth of the Sea 20JFG mixtape

0.Angry Bob: Intro
1. Eroc: Greenhouse Effect
2.Oneida: All Arounder
3.Dirty Filthy Mudd: Forest Of Black
4.Big Business:Another Fourth of July…Ruined
5.Skyramps:Flight Simulator
6.Bongwater:Nick Cave Dolls
7.This Heat: S.P.Q.R.
8.Venus Gang: Cosmic Daddy
9.Reichmann: Wunderbarr
10. Keith Fullerton Whitman: Schnee
11. Hygrades: In The Jungle
12.Crom: The Gathering
13. Medieval Steel: Medieval Steel
14.Underworld: To Heal