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Mindblowing Moves


It might be a coincidence, but O Yea by Beautiful Swimmers, one of the best tunes I’ve heard this year so far, seems to sit somewhere in between similarly named classics by two of our idols, i.e. Can and Daft Punk, discipline and swing laced together in one cracker of a jam that will be storming a dancefloor near you real soon. Imagine Gang Gang Dance were into minimal techno, or Nitzer Ebb had put together the soundtrack for a Carpenter flick, or the Knife if they came from the tropics instead of the tundra, and you are sort of there but not quite, because one can throw references against the wall and see if they stick, it doesn’t matter with a jam like this as it crashes through them like tribal juggernaut all hunger and fury, do bring it on.

Buy the 12 from Future times, and enjoy the video by Aurora Halal & Ashiq Khondker, whaaaat.

Beautiful Swimmers- O Yea


Cheers to Damon from Mi Ami for the tip. Mi Ami will be playing in Brighton at the Greenhouse Effect this Thursday and in London at the Upset the Rhythm show in the Lexington on Friday. We shall be attending both shows, and DJing at the latter. Don’t miss out.


I.U.D. comprises Lizzy Bougatsos off Gang Gang Dance and Sadie Laska from Growing, these are two of our favourite bands so, as you would expect, the outcome which is ‘the Proper Sex‘, just released by always reliable purveyors of total amaze The Social Registry is pretty fucking great. The tune that kicks off the album, ‘Daddy’ is but an example- it sounds like Roxanne Shante if the originators of hip hop had listened to more Throbbing Gristle and less Kraftwerk (hold on, that’s  the Death Comet Crew) , or Liars covering Uptown Ranking i.e. warbled ska for leisurely operations of dance and demolition., we love it.

I.U.D.- Daddy

We love babies

Featuring : jacking

…Watch them coming out of their bloated coccoons under the cold soil, all furry with sharp claws bristling, what an uplifting yet freakish celebration of life when they jump on top of their first victim, a small telepathic fox from the Tundra Borealis, tear it to pieces, drink its nurturing blood and feast in its stinking entrails, proteins immediately processed, feeding the growth of leathery wings that spread into the air of the night, babies flying under the twin moons, climbing into the purple sky, getting ready for their transition into the interstellar void to begin a journey which ends with their landing in the murky swamp of your worst nigthmares.

We have been to other worlds and seen some sick shit. Babies I say, H.R. Giger ain’t got shit on babies.

We begin our baby post with an exclusive off BabyTalk’s Keep on Move, the first reference in Stickydisc Recordings, a record label started by Eric Broucek, DFA’s studio man, you know this is gonna be good.

Babytalk- Keep on Move (dub)

Raise your left hand and spread your fingers in a Vulcanian peace gesture as this majestic tune enters your aural space stopping for but a milisecond, open its hatch welcoming you in to go on an awesome trip into the future of Earth, when our puny species has disappeared or trascended into the singularity leaving strange ruins and gigantic shiny bubbles for alien archeologists to ponder upon.

Gigantic forests cover the land, the glowing sun hides below the line of the horizon as lovely cosmic synths which bring to mind the Ponty and the Hancock raise into the air, strange birds of colourful feathers and aerodynamic shapes beating their wings to the rhythm of a bassline which pounds with the strength of a new planet being born (and would make Tyler Pope shake his booty like there was no tomorrow).

The A side of Keep on Move has graced James Murphy’s new FabricLive comp, and is also killer, get moving and get it.

Then on to Baby Oliver, who has released, in our beloved Environ imprint (do you know Metro Area yeah?) the Feelings 2 EP. The A side is a perfect jig to celebrate the arrival of that golden disco baby which comes out of a bizarro artificial womb at the end of Demon Seed, it’s good for mankind so you should be happy, in spite of all the weirdness.

He is Proteus, and he wants to party.

So he’s getting-

-Crazy cowbell disco dynamite sounds, check.
-Synth boogie line flexing to send Prince into a twith & glitch seizure, check
-Jacking Chicago breakdown with enough whaaa to set the warehouse on fire, check, pumping!

All blended with good eye, strong muscle, ability and soul, and laced with the sort of pristine production we have come to expect from the awesome releases in this label, always get us happy, always get us dancing, they call the shots.

Baby Oliver- Feelings 2
(Removed by request)