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18th February 2013

Pastoral Nightclub

20JFG went on a trip this weekend, without stepping on train, bus or plane, this trip didn’t even require walking. We flicked a switch in the desktop of this machine, and we were washed ashore in Proteus. What is Proteus? In haste: 1. Proteus is a procedurally generated 8-bit island developed by Cambridge programmer Ed…

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25th July 2011

A fistful of sky

(And again) Whenever Philip K. Dick looked out of the window of his house in the suburbs, he saw an Eye in the Sky, unblinking, terrible. He toiled under its gaze, on paranoid symphonies to give the eye voice. 20jazzfunkgreats have it way easier, for they see a mouth, the mouth opens, its breath is…

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13th May 2011

Reggae Against Communism

We are once again thrilled and regailed to bring you some more half baked ideas and muddy prose, typed straight from the malfunctioning Brother WP-80 of Preston G. Parallax. During the cold, grim winter of 1986 Preston’s controversial short story ‘Reggae Against Communism’ was deemed too dangerous for inclusion in his unreleased collection ‘Glaucoma of God and other…

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