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Pastoral Nightclub

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20JFG went on a trip this weekend, without stepping on train, bus or plane, this trip didn’t even require walking.

We flicked a switch in the desktop of this machine, and we were washed ashore in Proteus.

What is Proteus?

In haste:

1. Proteus is a procedurally generated 8-bit island developed by Cambridge programmer Ed Key. The visitor to Proteus roams its hills and valleys, like Key strolled down English fields when he was a child. The visitor also roams the melodies and moods of Proteus, the vegetable ragas and fuzzy drones of a vivid dream enacted live, so that it can become the substrate for further dreams. Oakland based musician David Kanaga is the marshal of Proteus’ musical winds.

2. Proteus is a language with one word.

The word not spoken is outside, everything minus Proteus.

The word spoken is Proteus, a poem broadcasted from a radio tuned to the cycles of an island which may be heaven or limbo or that odd place where we scatter from our scattered bodies. Its alien words rain upon us while we descend a hill, into algorithmic clouds blocky like the clouds which are one of a children’s first 5 drawn shapes (body, house, sun, tree, bird), and we are drenched, cleansed, rejoice.

3. Proteus is a paradise and its denial, arcadia tinged with the sadness of alien memories and abandoned ruins, and of the realisation that we will soon be ejected (also so that we can carry its message outside like we are doing now – is it a weaponised meme for mass enlightenment? Hum).

4. Proteus is a Pacific Sandpit dreamed in that theoretical space where the astral personas of Philip Glass, Terrence Malick and Notch play together in a summer night.

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It is like the songs we leave with you today. We could easily imagine them chopped and scattered in graciously self-contained modules of feeling, across the spaces of Proteus:


Anarresian physicist Shevek integrated simultaneity and sequence with intervals, making possible the ansible for trans-galactic communication, and also faster than light transport.

Minimal Electronic legend J D Emmanuel achieves the same effect with his synthesiser meditations: dissolution of eternal distances, opening of wormholes into a vast series of vistas, most of them of barrenness, silence and peace.  It is not a coincidence that his latest release of live pieces in the phenomenal Aguirre records is called ‘Time Traveller’.

J D Emmanuel – At One Ment

You can acquire ‘Time Traveller’ here.


Constellation Tatsu cadets Looks Realistic produce, on their part, chunks of sound of an almost geological ponderousness, tectonic beats dropped at the pitch with which glaciers descend upon the south, like brave astronauts voyaging between the elements. We then experience a combination of awe (the epic through which our world is formed) and homeliness (for this is the state of the world to which we owe our existence).

Looks Realistic – Happening In Your Community

Acquire their ‘Where does it Come From?’ tape from Constellation Tatsu.

A fistful of sky

(And again)

Whenever Philip K. Dick looked out of the window of his house in the suburbs, he saw an Eye in the Sky, unblinking, terrible. He toiled under its gaze, on paranoid symphonies to give the eye voice.

20jazzfunkgreats have it way easier, for they see a mouth, the mouth opens, its breath is frosty, it drools pearls of music upon our garden, wherein lay parcels from very far away, packed with ready-made hallucinations. Last night, it was Aguirre. We don’t know the coordinates of his satellite, but we suspect the vistas from there must be rather phenomenal.

JD Emmanuel’s Ancient Minimal Meditations thump and a crawl, rocking a Martian Appalachia groove that digs into the fertile primeval soil that Laurie Spiegel first charted.

Its Evening Devotional describes a vast movement of life across red deserts that your accidental tourists are at a loss to interpret; they sit in their vantage point at the lowest possible Lagrange orbit and inspect with powerful sensors, documenting what could be a pilgrimage, the retreat of a defeated army, a seasonal migration, the wedding procession for a cosmic engagement.

JD Emmanuel – Evening Devotional

If the above celebrated a marriage, then what lies below concerns birth, or perhaps more accurately, its possibility – the configuration of a space where all the factors conducive to life are at hand.

Anthropomorphise the dynamics and processes leading to inception (it looks like the druggy bit in the Tree of Life in case you were wondering) into a 1970s progressive outfit jamming in ecstasy at some theoretical hub describing the core principles of physics, biology and population dynamics, and watch it all click – atoms bonded in a ponderous dub bassline, the antecedents of the double helix swirling to a Jaco Pastorius solo.

Stellar Om Source – Sequentia

As featured in Stellar OM Source’s Heartlands Suite.

Reggae Against Communism

We are once again thrilled and regailed to bring you some more half baked ideas and muddy prose, typed straight from the malfunctioning Brother WP-80 of Preston G. Parallax. During the cold, grim winter of 1986 Preston’s controversial short story ‘Reggae Against Communism’ was deemed too dangerous for inclusion in his unreleased collection ‘Glaucoma of God and other stories’. The sinister shadow of the iron curtain hung too heavily, and would have put his life in grave danger (at least that’s what he told us).

A savage comment on the soviet regime that covered much of Eastern Europe at the time, ‘Reggae Against Communism’ pits a super-powered Rocksteady band against Communism’s head honcho – and the man who started it all – Joseph Stalin. We’ll spare you it’s turgid plot and get straight to the gripping finale – a symbolically complex idealogical battle to the death. This idea was entirely Preston’s work and should not be confused with the political movement of the same name.

Reggae Against Communism p36.

(Copyright Preston G Parallax 1986)

…..Commander Joseph Stalin sat chuckling upon his throne of red skulls. He was thinking about how we were all the same, and what he was going to do to those people who weren’t – when suddenly there was an explosion in his Kremlin throne room. Startled, the realisation that his evil scheme had been thwarted was thrust upon him like an ideology was thrust upon his people. Through the smoke he could make out the silouhette of King Tubby Rootsmon mercilessly slaying his Soviet henchmen. Somehow they’d managed to penetrate the virtually impenetrable sanctuary of his inner sanctum. But how? He’d once found that Desmond Dekker album in Luitenant Agafonov’s quarters, but it couldn’t have been him. Surely not.

It mattered not now how. Commander Stalin drew his weapons and turned to face his assassin. “So King Tubby, we meet again. Nice of you to drop by”, “It ohhver Joseph” said King Tubby “Ye can come nice and irie or me can lick off ye head top, iz up to ye mon”. The commander let out a blood curdling laugh “You’ll never take me alive rastaman!!!” and with that he leapt 12 feet into the air and flew straight for King Tubby’s chest. Stalin pinned King Tubby to the ground with his sickle, and before he delivered his trademark deadly hammer blow direct to the King’s skull, he had a few words to say.

“Last chance for redemption King Tubby. Will you or will you not embrace Communism?” he asked. “Never mon! me got too much love for de Reggae music, das whas in me heart” said King Tubby. “Then, DIEEEEEEEEE!!!”, but just as the commander’s hammer of justice was about to deal its final blow, King Tubby dealt his secret weapon – a cloud of deadly Marijuana smoke breathed directly in Stalin’s face. “MMUAUUAAAAAH” yelled Stalin as he stumbled backwards “I CAN’T SEEEE”, as he stood up , King Tubby paralysed him further with the sweet chord progression from ‘No Woman No Cry’.

As Joseph’s vision began to clear he could now make out four men in front of him. It was all 4 members of Blood and Fire and Wine. All was still for a couple of seconds, until King Tubby gave them all an order. ‘BUN IIIIIIIIIM!’ he commanded and their collective power of redemptive fire came firing out of all of them until it burnt the commander to a crisp.

It was over. Reggae had won, and over time replaced communism as the dominant ideology of Europe and beyond. People sang Peter Tosh songs and all children learned Patois in school, eventually replacing English as the language of Europe. Everything was nice and irie.


This week yr 20 Jazz Funk Greats funkateers were lucky enough to spend an undisclosed period of time in the unapologetically psychedelic presence of Daniel Emmanuel

JD Emmanuel – Evening Devotional

Anyone who managed to pick up the reissue of Wizards on the equally heady Dolphin’s into the Future’s label  – Hometime Taped Sounds, or last year’s reissue on Important Records will know that JD is an infinite sage, able to show our aching conciseness the door to the next big movement in human perception. 20JFG longs for that day JD’s friendly face appears upon our conference room plasma screen and his mind-opening pulsations fill our daily meetings (which are mainly about world domination, the destruction of sub-continents etc…..but shhh don’t tell anyone, we’re supposed to be hippies). Taken from his non-reissued tape ‘Ancient Minimal Meditations’, ‘Evening Devotional’ is truly a pulse wave juggernaut rolling through the desert of mundanity, collecting all parched travellers in its wake. Let’s ‘ave it!

JD Emmanel we salute you. We wholeheartedly recommend digging in the crates for his back catalogue.

Also knocking around in the 20JFG psychotropic locker next to a blackening banana for some time, is this video by Ben Butler and Mousepad. Aside from being some seriously safe dudes, Ben Butler an Mousepad also produce the oddest shapes in music since Keith Emerson discovered he was quite good at the piano. ‘Design’ ups the Frank Zappa intake of Nik Kershaw’s youth to the point where he grows up into rabid prog mutoid topping the charts with his new single ‘uqnoeueonuwhuwibgiwebguebgiwb’. Watch all the way through and you will find a canny link to unearth the rest of their recent fine album, available now on Loaf recordings.