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Featuring : fur, Jeans Wilder + Solar Bears

Those nights we stay in, but outside of the forbidden cellar, we tend to fall asleep to the cycle of a cylinder light that projects upon the walls of the bedroom the shapes of future constellations in the pantheon of musical glory. Last night, it was Jeans Wilder who showed up in this makeshift firmament, up there with other luminaries of the hazy conspiracy such as Panda Bear, Ariel Pink and Atlas Sound, and it was ‘In My Dreams’, this purring lo-fi Minuet purloined from 1960s Motown (if only Detroit had specialised in the pharmaceutical industry rather than automobiles) that took us by the hand into a land of overexposed Super-8 flashbacks of good times where all surfaces are soft and warm, and all bad vibes vanquished.

Jeans wilder – In my dreams

Which is included in the very excellent ‘Nice Trash’ LP out in LA Station Radar/Atelier Ciseaux.

And here you have a very exclusive premiere of the video.

We continue our pilgrimage through the land of suspended emotion with this wonderful remix of FUR’s Clears Throat by our favourite progressive navigators Solar Bears. If the telepaths in Minority Report received premonitions of hear-rending break-ups rather than murders to be, this would be the Balearic ballad that they would whistle in their nocturnal pool, primary colours of melancholy fade into the vaults of memory, a sweet aftertaste lingers, for life hurts, otherwise it’s nothing.

FUR- Clears Throat (Solar Bear Remix)


HOLD THE PRESS!!! Tomorrow night 20JFG presents a special one-off sermon from our beloved Hype Williams in our beloved second home of Berlin…….

Flash vs Flesh

Jeans Wilder is becoming the steady purveyor of spectral balladry that soundtracks past instances of your 20jazzfunkgreats conflicted youth.  Memories of those days when we hadn’t yet fully developed the arcane powers which allow us to facemelt our foes with a flick of the wrist, memories of past days enthralled by the blink of deer eyes set in a human face staring at us for a moment down the eternal halls of the witch palace, then forgetting us immediately as if we were wearing the+20 dodge invisibility cloak which was actually hidden in our locker.

Sweet and sour times of growth and conflict that we shed like lizard skin as we continued in our evolution, every layer lovingly folded and stored in the rusty filing cabinets of our memory. Sipping on a brandy at the lounge of our manor we listen to ‘tough guys’ and reminisce, revelling in the lazy and creaking ‘Althea and Donna jamming at the graveyard’ vibes over which its prelude to violence unfolds, remember the day we stood up for ourselves and what we believed in. It was the Breakfast Club vs Scanners, yes, we limped for weeks afterwards, but you should have seen the other guy.

Jeans Wilder- Tough Guys

Tough Guys is included in a split with Best Coast that Atelier Ciseaux released last Monday.

God know what good deeds we did last year, because this Christmas we received a wealth of goodies from Copenhagen’s finest Skrot Up, we dig through it in turbulent delight, stumbling on gem after gem that we hope will blow you away as much as it’s done with us. We shall be dropping them here and there like stuka pilots of blietzkrieg love.

Let us begin with Death to the King’s ‘Dream Unknown’, an undead skank through desolate moors as the sun struggles to break past a mist pestilent like the aural emanations from a meaningless massacre. The black beast of Hyperdub digi yearning steps into the dark tunnel where Yellow Swans lost their poisonous drone, the forces of light are defeated and the ignorant universe continues it descent into entropy. It couldn’t have been any other way, but the wizards put up such a good fight.

Death to the King- Dream Unknown

As an extra sweet bonus, here you have a mixtape that Copenhagen extraordinaire Martha has put together for us (artwork too). On her own words: ‘it’s good for when you’re on a plane, or minding a gallery, or playing with babies or biking to school or even when you’re doing homework’. Which is true, but also an understatement. Enjoy!

Martha’s _ _ _ _ Mixtape


1. Enya’s Panic Room – Chariots of Enya Theme
2. Renaldo and The Loaf – A Critical Dance
3. Chaos Through Programming – Mix Excerpt
4. Javier – Blood Fantasy
5. Gary War – Bounce Four
6. Xuxa – Música Demoníaca Revertida
7. Supertalented – Brazil
8. Hermeto Pascoal – Música de Lagoa
9. Push The Button – Love is in This Club
10. Ray Fenwick – I will Always Love you (doubled)
11. DJ Nar Nar – Naïve Melody Chopped
12. Nite Jewel – Another Horizon
13. Ela Orleans – Amsler Grid
14. Flying Lizards – An Age
15. Pamelia Kurstin – Theremin Ochestra
16. Julia Shammas Holter – 50 Bunny Rabbits
17. George Edwards – Floating Away
18. Nana Mouskouri – Enas Mythos

Sackcloth and Ashes

Featuring : Ela Orleans + Jeans Wilder


In antique times, Greeks didn’t describe dreams as something that happened in their heads while they slept, but as something that descended from heaven, you saw your dream approach  like a window opening into the world of the Gods, and once the message was delivered, this window went away, it vanished into the distance. The beginning of Brooklyn chanteuse Ela Orleans’ Something Higher is absolutely like that, a funereal anthem of treble and reverb which materialises in front of you like a faded postcard from a frozen tundra beyond the fiery sea- it makes us think of Nico.

It sounds like the songs that that child was singing before she disappeared deep into the neck of the woods never to be seen again, they still echo ghostly in a barren spot where all that remains is silence. Enthralling.

Ela Orleans- Something Higher

Get Ela Orlean’s  ‘Lost’ from LA Station Radar (web).


My fortress is a collection of rituals, and every ritual is a secret charm protecting me against anything bad happening. I step through the world in perfectly measured ellipses, navigating the cracks of the pavement like a tightrope walker whose life hinges on not taking the wrong step next. I stare into the ground and continue sliding into the curvature of this cycle with my hands in my pockets. Ensuring that I am where I should be at the right time every time so that the same thing will happen again requires concentration. But sometimes I get distracted. Someone gets on my way, the whole day is thrown into disarray. Those are the bad times.

But there are other times. My shadow projected over the pavement,  long and murky and lonely, and then suddenly another shadow blending into mine, and beyond, I raise my head disregarding the strict plan, a bird soars towards the spires of the cathedral under whose mighty structures I walk every day, and I am blinded by the sun. The scaffolding of signs and symbols surrounding my body shakes, a spider crack appears on its side, a rain of dust, I smile because I am one beautiful moment closer to being free.

Jeans Wilder- Pretty Bird

This wonderful reverie is included in a split between Jeans Wilder and Jen Paul also available from LA Station Radar.