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Pop physics

Where we resolve the information paradox (i.e. causality potentially being messed up by the scrambling effects of black holes) by describing a process where quantitative information loss in one part of the galaxy is compensated with qualitative information gain in a different part, thanks to the wilful arts of creativity, artistry and intellectual achievement of mankind and other sentient species that you have not yet met. Quantum pipelines, akin to the much-vaunted ‘wormholes’ channel ur-info from event horizons into dreams, reveries, visitations from the muses and eureka moments that spark the expressive act through which consciousness strikes back at entropy.  One ironic aspect of our theory is that some of the key breakthroughs in theoretical physics and the study of black holes have been inspired by black holes themselves! Ha!

Look ma, it’s all solved, and no mentions of Buddhist philosophy!

This is a highly speculative hypothesis that we have started exploring by analysing correlations between black hole instances and creative happenings in Planet Earth. The two exhibits below appear to be linked to GCIRS 13E, a middleweight black hole located close to the centre of the Milky Way

We have sent the draft of the paper where we set all of this out to the editors at Physica. We still haven’t heard back from them, fingers crossed.

In ‘Dreams de Illusionaries’, total electronic legend and recent xxjfg interviewee Hieroglyphic Being summarises his trip to an alien world in a future machine jazz cruiser, including his attendance at an academic conference where cephalopod savants explored the philosophical, theological and metaphysical implications of living in a world that is a beach through telepatholographic projections and mahavishnuan psychic riffarama. Corollary: if Planet Earth was a beach, all music would be as abstractedly beautiful as this, and there would be no wars.

Hieroglyphic Being – Dreams de Illusionaires

As included in the 2005 Liquid Sex EP, in Ghostly International.

The very excellent Sam Wander blew our proverbial argyle socks at Yes Way when he played a song from Drums off Chaos (Jaki Liebezeit’s percussion ensemble) and Jens-Uwe Beyer ‘Magazine 3’. In this album, they channel the millennial wisdom of a shaman who stares into the sky and sees the future instead of the past, because the gods are up there, and through the rituals codified in this music, the tribe eventually becomes them. It evokes an alternative branching in the life-story of Gang Gang Dance, where, after God’s Money, they decided to kneel at the altar of DRUM with the Boredoms, instead of trotting down the shining path to become the best dance music band in the world.  It’s incredible stuff either way, which we strongly advise you to enjoy in the wider context of the album, that you can acquire here.

Drums off Chaos and Jens-Uwe Beyer – Second Half