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Swedish Economics

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This is Johan Agebjörn, who makes a welcome return to the pages of this ‘ere blog.  A conduit to a pre-Lehman world of nu/slow disco.

This is music from a glorious Scandinavian tradition that manages to speak both to the rare moments of bliss in the shabby grey drudgery of British life, as well as offer up a utopian ideal that keeps the hamster wheel of the UK’s (creative) industries turning.

This is Carpenter’s ear for a synth hook by way of Tangerine Dream*’s fruitful collaborations with our lord and saviour Michael Mann.  New Age if New Age occasionally went to the club at 4 in the morning and wandered around, unable to comprehend the sights and sounds.  Pastoral music for a generation cut adrift by the twin shears of class and cash.  When clubs are free but the cities cost too much, the only recourse is the countryside.

Johan Agebjörn – Will They Forgive Us

Will They Forgive Us is taken from the album Notes which is out on Paper Bag records on February 10th.  You can pre-order it here.

* whose Phaedra ends with the sound of children, while this starts with them.  And while I’m aware that children on records aren’t exactly uncommon, it was the first thing that sprung to mind.

Dairy Disco

(image stolen from TommyBoy)

We are always up for a hot compilation, and Lo Recordings will be delivering the goods in May with the third chapter in the Milky Disco series – “Milky Disco 2: Let’s Go Freak Out” (Volume 1.5 can be sourced via iTunes).

The dark-disco feast features Black Devil Disco Club restructured by Richard Sen and This Is Not An Exit’s cloaked alien lords, Brain Machine, plus some of 2OJFG’s favourite sounds; the hallucinatory long lost cousin to Debbie Deb, Nite Jewel, the murderous vocoders of Pink Stallone, the soaked by summer rain synths of Subway and the chilled dæmon funk of Gatto Fritto.

Chilled By Nature’s “Otherworld” is given the double re-rub treatment and renamed to “Otherness”, firstly by Windsurf who creates a syrupy dub of looping bleeps that bleed into each other through cascading bass. Black Mustang follows with a colder and denser mix, stealthily photocopying in black and white the main arpeggiated synth bassline from Chris & Cosey’s “This Is Me” over snapping syndrums and the less reckless parts from the chattering killing doll vocals of that Akira track. Both can already be found on 12″.

Chilled By Nature – Otherness (Black Mustang’s Frozen Moon Jam)

Also featured is a remix of stellar-chic beat vampires, Glass Candy, by elfin god of backward slow motion disco epics Johan Agebjörn. Its pretty rare that Glass Candy get officially remixed, so its nothing short of perfect when the remixer is an acolyte of the nu generation of ambient disco, a fellow who can stand alongside luminaries of the darklights like Lindstrøm, Prins Thomas and Gavin Russom.

It all starts off very familiar with a subtle shattered echoing glaze, transporting Ida No to the vast hallways a mile under the surface of Mars. Then the song is dragged into a sound vortex, colours inverting and synths polarizing, singed by stray laser-beams. New vistas of jagged red rock are formed by the corrosive acidic beats and pulses of the deconstructed original.

Glass Candy – The Chameleon (Johan Agebjörn Remix)


Cargo in Shoreditch, London hosts the release party for “Milky Disco 2”, on Sunday April 12th.


Love isn’t a four letter word


Love Saves the Day (facebook group here) is back on Saturday at Micro, just by Digital in Brighton’t Seafront. Dan Nixon is the man leading in this glorious return, with the 20JFG crew eagerly involved, and excited. Some of the most joyous dancing your caring ‘n’ sharing nerds have subjected the world to this year took place at this underground rendezvous, but in its previous, not optimal venue. Well, we have been to Micro and it’s definitely the perfect spot for everyone to swing to the sweetest sounds of eternal disco: we are talking about the old skool Brooklyn shit, italo extravaganza, balearic bliss, the nouveau kosmische wave and even some minimal for your ass, you can’t go wrong with this shit. All of this probably under a ceiling covered in helium balloons. So you know kids, everyone get down, it’s a love thing.


History Clock is a new source of vinyl goodness run from a Dr. Phibes style vault in the centre of a pyramid somewhere far beneath London by Nathan Gregory Wilkins, Johnny Burnip and Tiger Timing. They say they are devoted to ‘modifying obscure musical relics from the distant past to better serve the eccentric tastes of the modern discotheque. Style-wise History Clock will be covering rock, primitive electronics, disco, soundtracks, psychedelia and just about anything else that feels good‘.

They are definitely talking the talk, listen to Fitzcarraldo Variations now, because they are walking the walk too.

They also got Susumu Zongamin to design their record sleeves for some extra awesomeness. What a dude.

Fitzcarraldo Variations- Gamma Model

Or German prog wizards Birth Control pulling a total Aguirre in their bloodthirsty search for the psychedelic funk Eldorado. Total kraut glossolalia, a percussive stream of conciousness onslaught and zenta riffarama somewhere in between the MC5 and Funkadelic. Yes, they are talking the talk, and we are dancing the dance, you can totally imagine the Loft crowd flying high on this one some decades ago.


We are celebrating a psychedelic mass under red lights, impressionistic splatter and burning shadows, and the launch of Lindstrøm’s epic opus ‘Where you Go I Go Too’ on suitably heavy double vinyl by finally unleashing upon you one of the best remixes of the year.

Lindstrøm- Grand Ideas (Johan Agebjörn)

Where genius designer of synthetic dreams, Johan Agebjörn, takes Lindstrøm’s Icarus-like Grand Ideas over frosty tundras, through foreboding chrome clouds and into a portentous summit where the spirits if ice rendezvous for a Sabbath of relentless spiritualist techno, stomping on the ground to summon white lightning bolt and black thunder, Johan says he felt particularly inspired when he came up with this, I reckon he was indeed, because this is the sound of drum machines talking in tongues, a conduit for powerful forces which our senses were not really evolved to behold.

Johan is DJing around the UK this week, catch him at these excellent shindigs in London and Nottingham.



Astral playboys


Johan Agebjörn is a constant source of good times at 20JFG HQ. Besides his excellent labour of pop sorcery piloting a tear-shaped time machine which that shy diva of snow fractal disco loveliness Sally Shapiro rides across the pink seas of pop awesomeness, his mindblowing remixes (we can’t wait to post the synthetic percussive techno odyssey into which he has transformed Lindstrom’s ‘Grand Ideas’), he also has a penchant for ambient, as demonstrated in his debut album, ‘Mossebo’, just released by Lotuspike. It is from there that ‘Ambient Computer dance’ is taken. This tune, inspired by early Autechre also reminds us of the heavenly synthetic landscapes created by Chris and Cosey.

Listening to it makes us think of astonishing panoramic vistas rendered in pale LCD green over the inky black of a command-line menu, altitude lines defining a minimalistic mountain range over which we glide gracefully in the arms of warm electronic currents, like a robotic carrier pigeon flapping slender wings of chrome to deliver a message of love in a faraway place.

Johan Agebjorn- Ambient Computer Dance


Dissident continue blowing the flames of our faith on the future of abstract/physical dance music with their new release by the mysterious The Off Key Hat. It seems that the kids who know their shit are lapping up this brutalistic ‘Moroder via jacking bleepy Eurotechno’ kool aid like warhounds in a bloodsplattered tundra, and we very much understand why, there is a pensive aggressiveness to this whole operation manifest in those pretty utopian robo-melodies towards the end which elevates our spirits like some lost nugget of Jarre style melancholy soundtracking the muscular flexing and pumping of a gym full of tattooed Ray Bradbury obsessed lycra’d hunks

The Off Key Hat- This is Not…


We reckon up and coming New Jersey kids Pink Stallone might be headed for places of greatness with their melancholic nouveau disco moves, you can notice the scintillating scent of 20JFG faves Glass Candy in their music, as well as the epic riffage of a Jan Hammer dusky strut, but processed thru one of those digitalising devices that turned Jeff Bridges into the program to end them all, and one that could cry too (it was the Eighties!).

Pink Stallone- Swiss Ambulance

Swiss Ambulance is total immersion in a solution of colloidal neon melodies inside which you find yourself suspended surrounded by phosphorescent algae which tinkle with nostalgic echoes of old school italo, if only you replaced the cocaine with codeine, hence all those red dragon tails coiling sexy around you. Yikes!


And after all this nuanced intrumentalism, let us say bye for the day with with a piece of lyrical excess by the hand of proper back in the day Super Radio avengers Heartbreak, more particularly the sweet remix of Soul Transplant ‘somewhere in between Rimini and Cologne’ that our best pals Allez Allez have come up with, for devastating effect. Now, we are onto some serious shit here, a pure feral dancefloor hands in the air slo-mo skrunker sliding like an electronic boa constrictor luscious between the gatorskin trousered legs of a vocal performance so over the top we’d be excused for thinking that passion was back in pop (or it was the Eighties!).

Now set the sky on fire kids, with total high energy,

Heartbreak- Soul Transplant (Allez Allez Remix)


Johan sent us this unofficial video of the awesome Rude 66 remix of Spacer Woman from Mars made by Iris B. Cegarra, Psychedela, word!



SATURDAY, last of the summer (?)

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With the usual sounds: prog. disco. cosmic. primitivism and stupidity.

Free entry cheap drinks and special guests- a bit like this but the other way around:

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