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Loves of Life


Peter Gordon and Factory Floor‘s Beachcombing is a chimera and a mirage that confounds our expectations about what is warm (the saxophone), and what is cold (those electric machines). The synths ululate like creatures of the dark forest, or cruisers creating their own zone of perversity in a forlorn park under the shadow of an squadron of leprous high rises. The saxophone is a relay releasing mega-bursts of information like the last escape pod from a moribund civilisation, or the final stage in the evolution of communication technology, when mankind transcends the digital.

Engineering mutates into mysticism, techno into jazz and everything becomes birds soaring in that awesome zone or genre that could well be called “Psyche Out” as un-defined by Optimo, who are aptly putting Beachcombing out, a moment we celebrate with Peter Gordon’s and Nik Void’s very own choices of inspirations and influences.

This is basically what we are about, we are so honoured to be featuring this post. Enjoy, and buy the record here.

john coltrane a love supreme

John Coltrane – A Love Supreme part 1: Acknowledgements

Peter: “As a kid, I used to listen to this every night as I would fall asleep. This record opened me up to the truly transcendent nature of music.”


Love of Life Orchestra – Condo

Nik: “Condo is the first track I heard by Peter and sparked off our initial conversation on-line that let to our collaboration. I personally refer to Peter’s work in my head as compositions rather than tracks. I love this fade in, I love the ethereal vocals in unison, the slowed down metronomic cowbell beat.

mothers of invention absolutely free

The Mothers of Invention – Plastic People
Peter: “Totally opened me up what was possible regarding use of studio, collage, genre mixing, smart writing, incredible musicianship yet totally irreverent.”

nico the marble index

Nico – Frozen Warnings
Nik: “Again another track with an ethereal quality. Her vocals ride the track, and the track ride her vocals. There are no rules here, just feeling.

terry riley in c

Terry Riley – In C

Peter: “My first experience with what would be called minimalism. I was transfixed by the hypnotic sound and fascinated by the structural implications.”

throbbing gristle adrenalin

Throbbing Gristle -Distant Dreams (Part Two)

Nik: “When Gabriel played me the synth line for Beathcombing it reminded me of the same dream like quality of TG’s Distant Dreams Part Two. Journey tones mixed in with a hypnotic undercurrent.”