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Idiot Signal Noise

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 15.17.43

On Thursday, we went to see Factory Floor playing at the ICA and it was great. They sounded like the drum breakdown in LFO’s Freak – one of our favouritest musical moments ever – stretched into infinity, smashing your face forever. They sounded like Hi NRG music for brutalistic architecture perverts. We loved it so much we almost melted.

Although Factory Floor are clearly unique, their music is nevertheless connected to many other obsessions of ours by the universal thread of a monomaniac focus on converging with the perfect rhythm, and a morbid fascination with the effects of ridiculous noises in the human brain.

In that sense, they are brethren to Yuriko Keino and Junko Ozawa, the creators of the soundtrack for arcade shooter Super Xevious. This is not music, this is a project where the mutant hamster equivalent of Aphex Twin is hired to to do a Manchurian candidate vs. aliens number on your head. Just watch this video.

And listen to this in repeat:

Super Xevious (1984) – 37,640 High Score – Barry Bloso

YMO ex-member Haruomi Hosono produced some synthy remixes of the soundtrack that sound like Yello doing children’s TV music. They are less likely to make you go insane, but they are still pretty good.

Haruomi Hosono – Super Xevious

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