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Pounding in your Head

Featuring : Katy & Nick

20JFG ends its winter break this week, not with a journey into the light but by remaining in the shadows.

Katy and Nick bring the Cold Wave via Karin Dreijer. Which I guess is a pretty lazy way of saying that we have a propulsive, synth driven pop song with vocals manipulated in such a way as to disquiet. The bass is an urgent heartbeat, pounding in your head, as you race from some unseen danger. The reverb heavy melody quickly follows, the siren song of whatever you’re running from.  

Everything’s channelling of an early 80s paranoid style seems very 2018 2019. The Boomers — who voted enthusiastically for the Free Market demagogues that ushered in our current era — now sit in power (badly) managing its decline. That the music from that era: desperate; urgent; nihilistic — now seems the most appropriate, isn’t really that surprising at all.

Katy and Nick have an (excellent) album that’s in need of a friendly label home. If you’d like to talk to them about that hit them up here. And if you’re not a label, you can hear more of their stuff at their Bandcamp here.

Remains of the Wave

Featuring : Katy & Nick

Today we bring you new music from the simply (and accurately) named, Katy & Nick.  Katy being Katy Cotterell of Gloss Rejection and Nick Carlisle of Bamboo.

They only have two songs on the internet and both trade in haunting synth wave.  This, though, is a very British synth wave.  A punk-y, abrasive synth wave, not the icy distance of some of the finest continental practitioners.  This is the ennui of a damp bedsit in a bad Victorian conversion, not the existentialism of a brutalist estate.

That Man is Back is the banger.  It’s something you expect to find on a dusty Rough Trade 7″ — where you subsequently find out it actually sold 50,000 copies and didn’t even make the top 40, because the 80s.  That sort of thing.

There’s a little bit of YMO to the hyper-simple melody that loops throughout the whole thing.  An appropriately simple counterpoint the arpeggiated synth line that threads its way through Italo and Hi NRG.  But above all that surges Correrell’s voice: echoing, forceful.  Seemingly at times to do her own internal call and response.  Almost screaming; shaky at times in the controlled way that punk nails.

Katy & Nick – That Man Is Back

That Man is Back is taken from the two track release What I Did For You.  You can get it from Bandcamp right here.