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Jacking Atlantida

When we started our journey we never meant to be a blog focussed solely on new music, indeed, it was our original purpose to establish connections between the musics of the past, and those novel efforts that they informed and inspired, like a psyche-historical account of the evolution of the sounds that make us go woah. For instance, the first two songs that we posted were ‘Hot on the Heels of Love’ and its descendant ‘Rise’ by Delia Gonzalez and Gavin Russom, as remixed by DFA. Those where the days, heh?

With time we have come to be seen as a place to search for all that’s new, and that’s not bad, it’s simply not the way it was supposed to be in the beginning. Let us start redressing this imbalance with an escapade into the wonderful phuture dance sounds of the Atlantidan refugees that made their home Chicago.

Zion has fuck all on Atlantida, it was those hairy dudes living in pyramids rising over the oceanic waves who developed the original groove using alien technologies straight from the beta sector. As some of you know, their paradise was eventually destroyed by forces that shan’t be named, yet their legacy survived in a diaspora of dance architects who spread across the shifting continents, a network of independent cells in the savannah, Mexico, Bali, Mesopotamia, all of them working towards a single goal: to build the house of house like those motherfuckers behind the Temple of Solomon, but more jacking.

Chicago’s stark skyline, reborn after its Great Fire was an obvious port of call- it’s not a coincidence that the Masonic Temple which rose there once towered above all other American skyscrapers, like a beacon drawing the psychically attuned in a ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ fashion, replace the new age melody with Kraftwerk bleeping.

The rest is dance history, here you have a couple of milestones, new levels in a Babylon tower aimed not upwards at God, but inwards into a past of communal celebration encrypted in our genes.

The question that Virgo pose in their elysian roller ‘Do You Know Who You Are?’ summons a glowing portal that can only be transversed with a code encrypted in its Balearic guitars and hazy synthetic refrain, the beat is but deft carpentry performed dangling from the scaffolding that envelops the cathedral of hedonistic enlightenment. This song is the door, and also the key that opens it, but you will only find it if you search in the throes of some seriously sexy dancing.

Virgo- Do You Know Who You Are? (1989)

Virgo’s astonishing S/T album was recently reissued by Rush Hour/Trax Holland. Go get. And props to Manny.

Having found who you are, and in doing so, stepped past the portal and into the zone of nice where the keepers revel, you need to show that you have the chops, that is, answer the question that Fast Eddie Smith and Kenny ‘Jammin’ Jason ask in our second tune, viz ‘Can U Dance?’

You need not panic, for in this case the doing the walk is in the walking, and this tune holds you by he hand as you do so. It’s awesome like some sort of Marine camp instructor of good times, harsh but fair with its double tempo jack it barrage, Vito versus Raheem synthesiser stabs and trans-atlantidan express gay breakdancing bambaata boogie antics. By the time the tribal rainstorm reaches its peak you will have learned the lesson taking you to the next level: just move it.

Fast Eddie Smith & Kenny ‘Jammin’ Jason- Can U Dance? (1987)

Get it from ebay and stuff.

It feels aeons since you started your journey, but it has only been a handful of minutes, the perfect beat will mess with your space-time perception. You were sitting in your bedroom all by yourself then, now you are inside the hot pentacle surrounded by a squadron of beautiful percolators. We are approaching that Dr. Manhattanesque scenario where we rebuild the Atlantidan diamond-pyramid through our sheer collective willpower, we only need a quantum catalyst to transform our energy into matter.

Enter the preacher.

Finger Inc & Chuck Roberts ‘In Our House’ version of ‘Can You Feel it’ is the invisible puppeteer that pulls all hands in the air, from each fingertip jumps a laser converging into the apex whence the four edges of a geometric spaceship expand like Case’s most soulful Matrix dream, press ignition, destination Beta Sector.

We are going home.

Fingers inc featuring Chuck Roberts- Can You Feel it? (In Our House) (1988)

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